Overhead Cranes


Maximizing Efficiency and Minimizing Downtime

O’Brien overhead cranes (also known as bridge cranes) meet the challenges of this rapidly changing world where only the best in their fields prosper. Our ability to consistently provide you with high-quality products and service at competitive prices sets us as a benchmark in the industry.

All cranes are manufactured in our Canadian manufacturing facility located in Burlington, Ontario. With over 50 years of experience and a dedicated team, you know that you will receive your equipment with the highest quality in mind.

Overhead Cranes and Bridge Cranes
Our overhead crane and bridge crane systems are elevated on a runway system, which typically runs the length of a factory. Hoists are used to lift and handle the desired item being moved.

If you need help choosing the right overhead crane, please read this guide.

Overhead Crane Designs

Top Running Overhead Cranes
Under Running Overhead Cranes
Custom Overhead Cranes
Runway Structures
Lifting Beam