O’Brien Lifting Solutions Inc. was awarded the contract for the supply and installation of a  60/5 tonne overhead crane for the OPG Darlington Nuclear Generating Station Refurbishment, thru E.S. Fox. Last week, O’Brien Lifting Solutions Inc. mobilized at the Retube Waste Storage Building (RWSB), to perform a load test and to commission the crane.

The testing began by utilizing three water-filled proof load bags at 125%, equally 70 tonne. The load test was successful as the crane performance easily exceeded all test requirements.   The load bags were reconfigured to a 60 tonne load to complete the full operational testing. First, the load bags were required to navigate through a concrete wall maze.  Street’s power rotate hook feature combined with our skilled operator made this step flawless! The crane was put through complete operational testing at 100% capacity and deemed a success.