Traveling Bridge System | O'Brien Lifting Solutions
Traveling Bridge System | O’Brien Lifting Solutions

A traveling bridge system is available as ceiling mounted or free standing configurations. Ceiling mounted systems are mounted to existing steelwork such as roof trusses to leave floor spaces free from additional support steelwork. Floor mounted systems may be preferred if floor space is available or ceiling support is not possible. Multiple bridges can be supplied for both ceiling and floor mounted systems offering fall protection to multiple workers from the same structure.

Traveling bridge systems are ideal for facilities where coverage of large areas is required such as aircraft hangers and large production and processing plants.


  • Free standing and ceiling mounted options available
  • Enclosed track, modular design allows for unlimited runway lengths
  • Omni-directional movement allowing coverage of large areas
  • Multiple bridges for multi-user systems
  • Available as standard system kits
  • Custom-designed systems designed to suit your specific application
  • Easy installation

What you need to know…

  • Working capacity (1 or 2 person)
  • Passability for workers? Yes/No
  • Number of bridges (1-4)
  • Support spacing (SS) in feet
  • Bridge length (BL) in feet
  • Runway length (RL) in feet
  • Runway centers (RC) in feet
  • Cantilever (CL) 18”