Chain Hoists, Wire Rope Hoists, Air Hoists – Different Applications, Exceptional Choices from O’Brien

Chain Hoists, Wire Rope Hoists, Air Hoists – Different Applications, Exceptional Choices from O’Brien

chain hoistsChain hoists, wire rope hoists, air hoistswhich type of hoist do you need? Chain hoists are great all-purpose, low-cost solutions designed to carry lighter loads. Whether you want a manual chain hoist or an electric chain hoist, they are compact, simple to use, and versatile for many applications. Take a look at a wire rope hoist for heavier loads. They’re incredibly strong and durable, but they might cost a little more to purchase and repair. Looking to repair, replace, or install a new chain hoist or wire rope hoist? Contact O’Brien for a quote today.

What is a Manual Chain Hoist?

A chain hoist is made of metal links (typically steel or zinc) joined together. As the name implies, loads on manual chain hoists are lifted by hand – manually. The design of a manual chain hoist makes it possible to lift loads up to 10,000 lbs. You see them in workshops, warehouses, and construction sites. They’re a little more portable than electric hoists, but because they’re manual, it can be harder to lift those heavier loads. 

O’Brien Lifting Solutions carries a wide range of manual chain hoist solutions, from low profile chain hoists ready to work in small spaces, to spark-resistant designs for use in areas with flammable products on hand. We even carry chain hoists that can handle temperatures as low as -40 ̊C! Brrrr…now that’s cool performance. Want a price on a manual chain hoist for your work site? Contact O’Brien at 1-866-670-1224 to learn more about our products and get a quote.

What is an Electric Chain Hoist?

An electric chain hoist features the same metal-linked chain, but the lifting power is supplied by an electric motor.  O’Brien has teamed up with leading manufacturers Street Crane and Kito Canada to offer an exceptional line of electric hoists. Whether you’re lifting light loads over and over, need a system to tackle those really heavy loads, or are looking for a specialty application for your food production or “clean” environment, we have a full range of hoists to help you get the job done. Contact O’Brien for a quote.

Which is Better, An Electric or Manual Chain Hoist?

There’s really no all-purpose “right solution” for every shop. The best choice of chain hoists is the one that meets your lifting needs, fits with your workspace and environment, and meets your budget. The product experts at O’Brien are ready to help you spec, select, and install a hoist that fits in your budget, and will help increase your productivity. Want to learn more? Reach out to us today.

Make O’Brien Your First Stop for Chain Hoists, Loading Dock Solutions, Crane Service, or Overhead Crane Solutions

As the name says, O’Brien is an expert in lifting solutions. We have a huge selection of cranes, from out-of-the-box jib and gantry cranes to custom-designed overhead crane solutions. We have the products to make your loading docks more efficient and help your processes run safer and smoother. Visit our website to learn about all O’Brien has to offer.

Chain Hoists, Wire Rope or Air Hoists – Make the Right Choice With O’Brien

Choosing the right hoist is important – it can make or break your system. The good news is that you have the experts at O’Brien Lifting Solutions on your side. We carry a huge range of the world’s most trusted hoists. From light 0.25-ton capacity to heavy-duty 200-ton capacity hoists – whatever you need to lift, we have hoists to help you lift it. Contact O’Brien today to see how we can make a difference at your work site.

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