Commercial Door Installation – Trust O’Brien to Get the Job Done Right

Commercial Door Installation – Trust O’Brien to Get the Job Done Right

We’ve talked before about how the right commercial door installation loading bay set up can help maximize profits. With O’Brien on the job, any loading dock / bay design and installation is sure to go smoothly.

But at O’Brien Lifting Solutions, we don’t just work on commercial door installation for large warehouses, big box retail and industrial sites, we also work on every day sites like car washes, installing or retro-fitting commercial garage doors on commercial / industrial flex sites. We even specialize in interior commercial door installation like security grilles, interior/exterior commercial fire doors, and specialty freezer doors

No two jobs are the same – you need a supplier with a wide range of commercial door installation expertise. At O’Brien we have the know-how and experience. We work hard to make sure your job is finished quickly and finished correctly.

Commercial Door Installation for Small Businesses

If you’re new to the business, or if you’ve just been lucky to work at sites with great setups, you may not have any idea what you need to know.

The good news is that when you work with O’Brien, we’ll walk you through the process step by step for a worry-free commercial door installation experience.

Before You Begin

At the start of your commercial door installation project, you’ll need to consider several factors, including:

  • Building Codes and Regulations – This is a big one. The Ontario Building Codes cover a wide range of building requirements for both residential and commercial buildings. The Code is a complex set of requirements that’s not the easiest to read unless it is your specialty.
  • Building Permits – You may need to obtain permits or approvals from your municipal or regional authorities before starting the commercial door installation work. 
  • Health and Safety Standards – Commercial door installation jobs often involve fire and noise regulations, and you should also consider interior air quality and ventilation.
  • Temperature – Think about temperature both inside and out of your facility. Do you need to keep it consistently cool or warm? To what level do you need to protect the inside environment from the weather changes outdoors? If your product or interior needs a lot of protection, you might need to consider a dock seal or shelter.
  • Timeline – How quickly do you need the work done?
  • Door Type / Size / Restrictions – what is the right combination of functionality and looks you need in your commercial door? Are there any restrictions we need to work around?
  • Budget – In addition to the cost of the door(s) and installation, your budget should include factors like warranty and ongoing maintenance.

installing new door – tracks/ hardware /door, etc. and cycle testing. Including electrical commissioning of new operators

Choosing the Right Commercial Door for Your Business

Choosing the right commercial garage door is critical – you want to consult a supplier who has plenty of experience with commercial door installation – and access to a wide selection of doors. O’Brien Lifting Solutions partners with some of the industry’s best to offer you a huge selection of commercial and industrial doors

We carry quality products from top manufacturers like GARAGA, RYTEC, Amstel, Richards-Wilcox, TNR-Hormann hi-speed doors and more. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process of selecting the right commercial door, ensuring it has the right specs, functionality, and cost for your project.

For more tips, read our blog 3 Tips for Choosing Your Roll-Up Garage Door.

Commercial Door Installation Process

So, what happens once you’ve made your commercial door selection? Installation of course. 

Removing the old door (if needed)
If you’re replacing an old door, the first step will be to carefully remove the old door from the tracks and hardware. We’ll inspect the tracks and hardware – depending on the project, they’ll likely need to be replaced as well.

Installing the new door – installation, cycle testing, commissioning new operators
When installing the new door, we start by inspecting and prepping the area, and installing the tracks and rollers. We use only quality hardware made to fit right with your door. Although they seem like “extras”, using the right tracks, rollers and hardware is critical to support the weight of the door, reduce noise, and ensure smooth and efficient operation.

At this stage, we’re ensuring the tracks are aligned correctly, securely installed, and properly lubricated to reduce friction and wear.

Once the tracks are correctly installed, we’ll attach the door panels or roller assembly, once again ensuring proper alignment.

Finally, we’ll test the system and adjust as necessary – we won’t leave until your door is working at top efficiency.

Choose O’Brien for Commercial Door Installation – Everything You Need for Smooth Operations

We’ve been in the business for over 60 years, and we’ve completed thousands of commercial door installation projects across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Golden Horseshoe. We like to say that the loading dock or garage door is the heartbeat of your business. That’s why you need the right combination of product selection and availability, expertise, reliability, and integrity – you need the commercial door experts at O’Brien.Follow O’Brien on Facebook or LinkedIn.