Crane Operator Course: Increase Safety & Productivity

Crane Operator Course: Increase Safety & Productivity

At O’Brien Lifting Solutions, we can design a crane operator course customized for your equipment, and your production needs. During our crane operator training, your personnel get hands-on teaching on the equipment you use every day. We offer small class sizes with a combination of in-class and practical training. We can even customize a presentation right at your site. A crane operator course offered by professional, knowledgeable trainers can not only ensure you are compliant with the latest regulations, it can increase safety and productivity in your facility.

Our crane operator course outline includes classroom training with videos covering overhead cranes and components, a hands-on demonstration of safe crane operation and basic equipment inspections, and a written-test and review. Courses usually take about 6-8 hours. We keep class sizes small (max 10 students) to ensure everyone gets the personalized attention they need. If you want to learn more about O’Brien’s crane operator course or are interested in crane operator training, call us at 1-866-706-1203 or contact us online.

Crane Hoist: Wire Rope Hoist and Chain Hoist Options

Of course, O’Brien can offer expert crane operator courses because we are experts in lifting equipment And what’s lifting equipment without a crane hoist? Not much use, that’s what. At O’Brien Lifting Solutions, we offer a complete range of crane hoists for your lifting equipment.

Wire Rope Hoist options: We offer some of the best wire rope hoist options in the business – Street and Kito. All our electric wire rope hoist options offer incredible value, setting standards for quality, heavy-duty lifting, safety, and reliability.

Chain Hoist options: When it comes to chain hoists, we offer two types. Manual Chain Hoist options (also called a chain fall hoist or hand chain hoist) or Electric Chain Hoist options.

If you want to know more about O’Brien hoist options, contact us, or read our blog: Electric Chain Hoist vs. Electric Cable Hoist – Which Is the Right Choice for Your Business

What is a Chain Fall Hoist?

A chain fall hoist is also called a manual chain hoist or hand chain hoist. They’re the perfect lifting equipment for workers who are raising and lowering heavy loads throughout the day. With a proper set up, the chain fall hoist can do the work of several employees who might be needed to lift a single load. Plus, since the chain hoist does a lot of the work, your operator will be less fatigued at the end of the day. Designed for relatively smaller loads than an electric or pneumatic (air) hoist, a chain fall hoist can still lift up to 10 tons or more, depending on the design. If you need a chain fall hoist or electric chain hoist, contact O’Brien today.

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Offering a complete range of lifting equipment, crane operator course options, crane service, hoists, and more, O’Brien is your source for lifting solutions. With over 60 years in the industry, our clients have come to rely on our expertise, equipment, and dependability when it comes to equipment selection, installation, maintenance, and upgrades. So, whether you are searching for a crane operator course for your new hires, or wanting to explore chain hoist or wire rope hoist options to replace worn or outdated equipment, you can count on O’Brien to deliver. Family founded, our team lives the same family values of our founders Huber and George O’Brien, and we treat our customers like an extension of our family. Discover the O’Brien difference for yourself. Contact us today to discuss lifting equipment, a crane operator course, hoists, or crane maintenance and repair. You can reach us at 1-866-670-1224 or contact us online

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