Crane Services – Fixed Right, Fixed Fast With O’Brien Lifting Solutions

Crane Services – Fixed Right, Fixed Fast With O’Brien Lifting Solutions

Why do you need O’Brien crane services? Because when your bridge crane, gantry crane, jib crane, or workstation crane breaks down, you need it fixed fast, or it costs you money – lots of money – in lost labour and production time. That’s why the dedicated team at O’Brien Lifting Solutions offers professional and efficient crane services – to get your business back up and running FAST. If you have a problem with any part of your crane systems, reach out to O’Brien 24/7 by calling 1-866-392-1944. We’ll dispatch a repair team as quickly as possible.

Crane Services You Can Trust – O’Brien Has Your Back

Imagine you had a team of talented and experienced crane service technicians at your beck and call. Well, you do…with O’Brien. At O’Brien we like to say there’s no job too big or too small. We service small out-of-the-box jib cranes, or heavy-duty crane systems at manufacturing and industrial sites, treating each and every business like a valued partner.

When you call O’Brien, you can be confident you’ll get an immediate response, night or day. Crane broken down? Don’t panic. Call 1-866-392-1944.

Above and Beyond – O’Brien Has Your Parts

There’s very few that can match the on-hand parts inventory at O’Brien. In fact, if you find a company with a better selection, we’d love to hear about it. We carry a huge selection of parts for one reason, and one reason alone – to make sure we have the parts you need to keep your lifting equipment running smoothly. Over 60 years of business experience and almost uncountable service calls have taught us the top parts to keep in stock. And we carry a lot of those hard-to-find parts too! 

When you call O’Brien, you can be confident we’ll have the parts you need to get your lifting solutions back up and running. Experience our effective combination of expert crane services and crane parts. Call us at 1-866-392-1944.

Peace of Mind – O’Brien Offers Preventative Maintenance Packages

What’s better than fast and efficient repairs? Never breaking down in the first place. If you put off regular oil changes in your car, your engine is sure to break down. And likely cost a lot more money to fix than that oil change. 

The same is true of your cranes and commercial / industrial doors. Neglecting regular maintenance could mean costly problems in your future. O’Brien Preventative Maintenance Plans are designed to find and fix little problems before they become big ones. 

When you enlist O’Brien for crane services in the form of a preventative maintenance plan, we’ll complete a detailed visual inspection of your system, including your hoists and crane components, perform an operational test on your gear systems, check all oil levels, brakes, electrical contacts and perform minor adjustments as needed to keep your system running smoothly. We’ll also inspect structural steel stress points to give you a big picture look at the health of your system. At the end of our work, we’ll provide a detailed written description of any problem areas, and provide you with an Inspection Certificate to demonstrate your compliance with necessary crane safety regulations.

Could our crane services boost your business? Contact O’Brien today to price out a preventative maintenance package for your site.

Custom Crane Solutions for Any Lifting Need – O’Brien Offers Skilled Engineering Services

While O’Brien offers a number of flexible out-of-the-box lifting solutions, some jobs require custom solutions to meet unique project needs. At O’Brien, we know our business – it’s helping YOUR business succeed. With expertise in crane manufacturing, structural analysis, and regulatory compliance, our team of professional engineers work with you to build the ideal crane system to maximize your performance – and profits. For crane services you can count on, contact O’Brien today

Expert Lifting Solutions, Exceptional Crane Services – Our Offering at O’Brien Lifting Solutions

Offering innovative and high-quality crane solutions and crane services since 1963, O’Brien Lifting Solutions has everything you need to keep your cranes running smoothly day in and day out. Reach out to O’Brien today.Follow O’Brien on LinkedIn or Facebook.