Runway Structures

Runway Structures: Strong Supports for Your Crane System

Runway cranes are subject to vertical stress, horizontal stress, impact loads, pulling and lifting actions and thermal expansion. Runway rails slip, girders deflect and rotate, and columns deform. Of all structural elements in a plant building, crane runways are among the most susceptible to failure.

O’Brien specializes in crane runway structure design and installation. With over 60 years of experience, our professionals understand the dynamics of a rigid system that must withstand a great deal of movement and flexibility.

Runway problems can be avoided. O’Brien specialists build, re-build, install and repair crane runway systems that save customers from difficult, expensive and dangerous runway breakdowns.

Questions To Ask About Overhead Crane Systems

  1. Has the system been designed by a qualified engineer?
  2. Has the system been designed for the required duty cycle and any working environment problems?
  3. Have all potential structural building problems related to the runway system been identified?
  4. Has the system been designed to all applicable specifications and safety standards?
  5. Does the fabricator have the necessary expertise in welding and fitting to manufacture or re-build the system?
  6. Do the installation crews have the necessary expertise?

Need answers to these questions, contact O’Brien Lifting Solutions today.