Ceiling Mounted Designs Made Simple

Ceiling mounted systems are ideal when floor space is limited or access by other equipment is required where floor support steel would normally be needed. This option does require that the support structure is suitable for the loads imposed.
Quality materials and construction ensure operational reliability and safety which facilitate long life combined with minimum maintenance.


  • Capacities up to 4,000lbs
  • Bridge lengths up to 34′
  • Runway supports up to 30′
  • Modular kit form
  • Low cost
  • Simple to install and/or extend
  • Mixed capacity systems
  • Large range of mounting options


  • All kits individually sized to suit exact space requirement
  • Rigid runways offer superior load positioning
  • Enclosed track provides easy movement and long life
  • Smooth rolling surface ensures easier movement of bridge and trolleys
  • No movement of the bridge
  • Multiple track profiles and span capabilities
  • Cost competitive