Prevent Fire & Smoke Spread

Known for its contemporary styling and reliable performance, Cookson’s rolling counter fire doors provide the same degree of fire protection as the full-sized rolling service fire door. As with Cookson standard counter doors, counter fire doors are engineered with properly sized components and trim.

When rolling counter fire doors are complimented with Cookson’s Fire Door Product Systems plus Firestop, the counter fire door system is complete. Not only is the required degree of safety provided, but the ease of testing and resetting of the counter door is included.


  • Compact mechanical governor controls automatic closing speed to a range of 6″ to 2′ per second
  • Oil tempered torsion springs designed for 20,000 life cycles
  • Available for 3 hour, 1-1/2 hour and 3/4 hour ratings
  • Approved in sizes to 96 square feet not exceeding 14′ wide and 9′ high
  • Approved for all wall types (concrete, masonry, structural steel, structural steel with gypsum board, gypsum wall partition with minimum 16 gauge metal stud)
  • Reset from one side of opening reducing testing costs
  • Sure-Close release spring increases reliability of automatic closings
  • Testing doors in fully closed position will not damage mechanisms
  • Choice of Finishes
    • FinalCote steel
    • ColorCote in 180 standard colors
    • #4 polished stainless steel
  • Choice of Operation
    • Push-Up – limit 9′ wide
    • Crank
    • Motor


  • Service window openings
  • Cafeterias
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Hospital/Public space


  • UL labeled stainless steel or plastic laminate countertops
  • Advanced fire door closing systems
  • Battery back up devices
  • Annunciators
  • LEED® calculations
  • Cylinder or slide bolt locks
  • Sensing edge for motorized units
  • Operator covers for exterior mounted units or exposed operators below 8’-0” high
  • Sill angles