Rytec Plexline Overhead Door

Rytec Plexline Overhead Door: Advanced Composite for Advanced Form & Function

Combining the high performance of composite materials with all the benefits of Rytec high speed doors, the Plexline door series offers advanced form and advanced function.

The Plexline series is designed for interior applications where durability, speed, and visual impact are paramount. Engineered for the rigors of high traffic applications, it’s fast, it’s safe and it can take a hit. The fiberglass composite material offers strength, long-life, and cleanability. The reversing pneumatic edge, thru-beam photo eyes, and an optional counter-weighted manual brake release ensure safety. The understated architecture and soft lines contribute to a sleek, contemporary design.

Whether it’s for a pharmaceutical or food facility, or an industrial application, the high-performance Plexline series offers the high aesthetics and durability of stainless steel at a remarkably low price.

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Strong and Durable Composite
Advanced composite materials are corrosion–resistant, chemical-resistant, and more impact-resistant than stainless steel.

The direct-drive motor opens the door at up to 50 inches per second for improved traffic flow, productivity and energy conservation.

Sleek Design
Smooth lines and a curvilinear structure create a sleek, modern appearance that is easy to clean. Side columns have a soft blended finish with highlights to mimic stainless steel. Optional integrated, ABS plastic hood features a lightly textured surface.

Full-width vision panel, two sets of thru-beam photo eyes and a pneumatic, dual-chamber, safety reversing edge are standard. Optional counter-weighted brake release opens the door in the event of power loss.

Full Perimeter Seal
Edge-to-edge brush seal at the top. Two brushes in each side column seal against both sides of the door panel. Soft and pliable vinyl loop along the floor completes the seal.

Takes a Hit and Resets
Quick-Set™ repair system permits the operator to reset the door with a push of a button after aligning the bottom bar.

Stainless Steel Alternative
The color palette combined with the composite material offer the comparable aesthetics and durability of stainless steel – all at an economical price.