Rytec Turbo-Seal SR Overhead Door

Rytec Turbo-Seal SR Overhead Door: World’s fastest, most durable, self-repairing break-away door

The Turbo-Seal Self-Repairing (SR) door is a high-speed, high-performance roll door engineered to enhance the flow of traffic and conserve energy while virtually eliminating downtime in demanding high traffic environments. The extremely high speed of the door, combined with an unmatched full perimeter seal, help maintain temperatures and dramatically reduces heating and cooling costs.

And, because downtime isn’t an option in critical distribution, warehouse, and manufacturing operations, the Turbo-Seal SR takes a hit from either direction, instantly releases and automatically resets itself–without any downtime, human interaction or damage to the door. The self-repair feature minimizes interruptions to a facility’s operations and significantly reduces energy loss during the time it takes to repair the door.

If impacted from either direction, a pre-programmed, self-repairing feature automatically brings the door to the fully open position where it is reset. The software then initiates the closing cycle – without user intervention.

With opening speeds up to 100 inches per second, the door opens quickly, reducing the chance of getting hit. High speed also permits the activation to be closer to the door.

Dual thru-beam photo eyes and a dual pneumatic, auto-reversing edge in the bottom bar are standard. Optional windows for visibility, and optional Ry-Beam™ light curtain system available.

Low Maintenance
Dual guided counterweights and AC Drive technology ensure smooth, maintenance-free operation.

Tightest Seal in the Industry
Weather seals on the top, bottom and Quad Seals™ on both sides of the door panel help reduce air infiltration.