Stationary Dock Shelter – Series D400

Stationary Dock Shelter – Series D400: Dock Shelters Stationary style generally are designed for door openings up to 10´ W x 10´ H. The stationary dock provides full access to the rear of the trailer while creating a tight seal against the top and sides of the truck.

Wear flaps are located on the head curtain at the contact areas and a double layer of fabric is sewn onto the bottom 24˝ of the side curtains for added reinforcement.


  • Save hundreds of dollars in reduced energy costs
  • Improve working conditions by keeping dust, dirt, debris & insects out
  • Protect product & personnel from harsh weather conditions
  • Increase productivity by providing a safe & comfortable working environment
  • Durable range of Hi-Performance fabrics to choose from
  • Custom sizes available