Electric Chain Hoist vs. Electric Cable Hoist – Which Is the Right Choice for Your Business?

Electric Chain Hoist vs. Electric Cable Hoist – Which Is the Right Choice for Your Business?

This blog will dig into the differences between an electric chain hoist vs. electric cable (or wire rope) hoist – two of our top-selling popular hoist options.

In an earlier blog, we wrote about choosing the right hoist system for your application, focusing on manual, electric, and air hoists. If you’re not sure what power system is right for your hoist, you might want to check out that blog first. 

Which is Better – An Electric Chain Hoist or Electric Cable Hoist?

If your first thought is that both systems have advantages, you are right. There is no one “perfect” system for every application. Instead, you need to look carefully at your lifting application to determine which is best for your business. And, of course, the experts at O’Brien Lifting Solutions can help break down the basics for you.

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Between An Electric Chain Hoist vs Electric Cable (Wire Rope) Hoist System

Here are some of the key factors to consider when choosing between the chain and wire rope systems:

Load Capacity (load weight): This one’s pretty basic – how heavy are the loads you’ll be lifting?

  • Consider an electric cable hoist (wire rope) for higher load capacities.

Lift Height: What is the vertical distance you need to lift your loads? Electric chain hoists can have height limitations.

  • Consider an electric cable hoist (wire rope) for higher lift heights.

Durability: Which type of hoist is more durable? This one is a split question. It depends a lot on your working environment. Wire rope hoists might be more resistant to abrasion, heat, and chemicals, while chain hoists can be more impact-resistant and can work better in extremely cold environments.

  • Consider either type of hoist depending on your specific production needs and working environment.

Flexibility and maneuverability: Chain hoists are generally more compact, lightweight, and easier to handle than cable hoists.

  • Consider an electric chain hoist if you need a portable or easily moved lifting solution.

Speed and precision: Electric cable hoists can offer faster lifting speeds and generally finer control over the movement of the load.

  • Consider an electric cable hoist (wire rope) if speed or precise motion is critical.

Cost: Electric Chain hoists can be more affordable than electric cable (wire rope) hoists.

  • Consider an electric chain hoist if cost is a significant factor.

Before You Make Your Choice: Talk to the Crane and Hoist Experts at O’Brien

It’s critical for your overall productivity that you make the right choice between an electric chain hoist and an electric cable hoist. The information above is meant as a general guideline to help you understand your choices.

There is a lot of variation in the specifications of each type of hoist.

For example, there are some very affordable electric wire rope hoists. Cost alone shouldn’t be a factor to rule out cable hoists. Similarly, many chain hoists can handle heavy loads. So don’t rule them out when load weight is a factor. 

Industry experts will assess your overall requirements before recommending the best hoist(s) for your needs. And the most important factors are how well the hoist will perform your processes in your environment, and how it will increase your productivity, profitability, and safety.

Make O’Brien Lifting Solutions Your First Choice For Hoists

When you need an electric cable hoist, electric chain hoist, or even a complete crane solution, contact the experts at O’Brien Lifting Solutions. Through our partnerships with Street Crane and Kito Canada, we offer a complete range of hoists to meet any lifting need. Plus, you’ll get expert advice backed by over 60 years in the industry and O’Brien customer service, which is second to none. Contact O’Brien today for a hoist or crane quote, or to discuss your lifting needs.

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