Expert Commercial Door Installation and Sales – Choose O’Brien Lifting Solutions

Expert Commercial Door Installation and Sales – Choose O’Brien Lifting Solutions

When you are looking for expert commercial door installation, choose O’Brien Lifting Solutions. We offer a variety of commercial doors from loading bay doors, to fire doors and security grilles. We specialize in all types of commercial overhead door applications, as well as counter doors and security grilles. Our expert technicians are trained to get you up and running fast. So, whether you are repairing an existing door, looking to install a new door, or just want a checkup for your existing commercial or industrial garage doors, contact O’Brien Lifting Solutions today at 1-866-953-0643.

O’Brien Industrial Garage Door Installation

Looking for large roll up doors for your industrial / commercial application? Want an impact-resistant industrial garage door for your loading bay, or a light or heavy-duty steel roll up door? Take a look at what O’Brien Lifting Solutions has to offer. At O’Brien, we know our commercial / industrial garage doors and commercial door installation. Take advantage of our incredible selection and expert advice.

Industrial / Commercial Door Installation

Our light to heavy duty commercial garage doors are ideal solutions for all commercial and industrial applications. Opening with hinged sections, these doors bend around the track as they open and close. O’Brien offers a variety of material like steel and rubber, and various opening speeds and options in multiple sizes to meet your needs.

Fire Doors

In addition to commercial door installation for your loading bays and industrial applications, O’Brien offers specialty commercial fire doors and fire shutters. These doors are designed to stop the spread of fire, protecting your employees and your facility. Whether you need a large commercial fire door, or a counter shutter, insulated or non-insulated, check out the O’Brien selection – we’re sure to have a door to suit your needs.

Our technicians are experts in commercial door installation for fire doors, able to ensure your fire doors meet your facilities needs and governmental regulations. Contact O’Brien for a quote on your fire door and commercial door installation today.

Security Grilles

How about security grilles for commercial and retail applications? Security grilles are an essential way to protect your business from burglary and intrusion, protect your windows and doors, and can even provide visibility and ventilation when closed. O’Brien offers a wide variety of attractive security grilles, in various colours and with options to apply vinyl graphics. Interested in O’Brien commercial door installation for security grilles? Contact our experts to explore your options!

Specialty Doors

While every commercial door application is unique, there are a few requirements for commercial doors that are above and beyond. For example, clean doors. O’Brien carries the Rytec Clean-Roll Overhead Door, the only high-speed commercial overhead door that meets the most stringent hygienic standards in the world. Ideal for use in food and beverage processing facilities, as well as pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, the Clean-Roll door can be built up to 12’ wide x 12’ high.

Operate a car wash? You may be interested in the Rytec Wynd Star MT Door, specifically built to meet the demands of your operation. This door is corrosion-resistant, provides exceptional wind protection to protect customers from water and chemical spray, and retains heat to reduce chances of freezing. They are perfect for harsh car wash environments – like our Canadian winters.

Wide Selection of Commercial Doors / Expert Commercial Door Installation – O’Brien Takes Care of All Your Commercial Door Needs

For quick and professional commercial door installation, call O’Brien Lifting Solutions. Located in Burlington, Ontario, we lead the industry with our range of products, huge parts inventory, and expertise. Reach out today by contacting us online, or calling us at 1-866-953-0643.

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