Increase Productivity, Improve Job Safety with a Workstation Crane

Increase Productivity, Improve Job Safety with a Workstation Crane

Cranes come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the smallest – and most versatile – is a workstation crane.

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Workstation cranes are perfect for use in workspaces where workers are required to repeat precise movements and/or repetitively lift heavy loads. Workstation cranes are often found in automotive production or repair facilities and fabrication shops.

Installing a workstation crane lift can be cost-effective. You can choose a floor-mounted design, bypassing structural investments that can come with ceiling-mounted crane lifts. In addition, installing a workstation crane can save you time, reduce workplace liability, improve productivity, and help make your operation more profitable.

Benefits of a Workstation Crane Lift

More companies are installing workstation cranes to improve;

  • Worker Safety

One of the key benefits of a properly-installed workstation crane lift is worker safety. When workers don’t have to lift or shift heavy loads, they’re less likely to be injured on the job. Workstation cranes can reduce the chance of injury from both repetitive strain and lifting.

  • Improved Productivity

Workstation cranes can reduce the number of workers needed to move heavy equipment and materials. They can help speed up production by reducing lifting time and reducing errors from moving and positioning goods. Workstation crane lifts can also be installed almost anywhere in your warehouse or production floor, allowing you to add lift capacity when and where you need it.

  • Increased Product Quality

A reduction in error also means an improvement in product quality. There is less danger of damage when lifting and shifting, reducing damage to parts and products during the manufacturing or repair processes.

O’Brien Workstation Crane Lift Solutions

At O’Brien Lifting Solutions, we design both freestanding-floor-mounted workstation cranes and ceiling-mounted workstation cranes.

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Our Met-Track Workstation Bridge Crane is a pre-engineered modular crane that is easy to relocate or expand, making it a cost-effective solution for your needs.

O’Brien Workstation Crane Lift Solutions – Floor-Mounted Designs

Floor-mounted systems are easy to install and can be relocated as needed throughout your warehouse, factory, or workspace. With capacities up to 4,000lbs, and the ability to support bridge lengths up to 34 feet, our kits are individually sized to meet your exact space and lifting requirements.

O’Brien floor-mounted workstation cranes feature enclosed tracks that not only deliver smooth movement of your product, and help prolong the working life of your crane.

We offer cost-effective workstation crane lifts with multiple track profiles and span capabilities. If you want to learn more, reach out for a quote today.

O’Brien Workstation Crane Lift Solutions – Ceiling Mounted Designs

Ceiling-mounted workstation cranes are a great solution if you have tight space or if the steel supports of a floor-mounted crane would hinder the movement of your equipment. 

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Like our floor-mounted designs, our ceiling-mounted workstation cranes feature bridge lengths of up to 34 feet, with capacities of up to 4,000lbs. Although not as easily moved as floor-mounted workstation cranes, our ceiling-mounted cranes are simple to install and extend if needed.

O’Brien offers a variety of modular kit forms that can be sized to suit your space and lifting needs.

Want a quote, or to learn more about our offerings? Contact O’Brien Lifting Solutions today.

Quality Materials, Expert Installation, Minimum Maintenance, Long Life

At O’Brien Lifting Solutions, we pride ourselves on using only quality materials, providing expert installation on products that require minimum maintenance, and offer you a long working life. Our crane lift solutions will help your workplace improve productivity, maximize efficiency, and minimize downtime on the job. In addition, we offer 24/7 emergency service should your equipment go down. You can count on O’Brien to keep your cranes, loading docks, and doors moving. Email us or call us today at 1-866-706-1203 to learn more.

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