Loading Dock and Door Solutions: Expert Design, Installation and Service

Loading Dock and Door Solutions: Expert Design, Installation and Service

Loading bays are the heartbeat of your business – you can trust the experts at O’Brien Lifting Solutions to keep your raw material and products coming in, and your finished product moving out. Over 60 years ago, we began as an innovator of quality loading dock and door solutions. We know the business – inside and out. We offer a wide range of products to suit your needs, a huge inventory of parts if you need service, and a small army of skilled technicians ready to respond if you need service.

From gate operators, to rolling steel doors, rubber doors, high speed doors and more. We have loading dock and door solutions for any size business, any configuration, when you need them. Request a quote or call us at 1-866-399-2267 today.

O’Brien 24/7 Loading Dock and Door Service & Repair – Minimize Downtime, Maximize Productivity

When every minute counts, you can count on O’Brien. When your dock and door go down, that means drivers waiting, production lines backing up, and product undelivered. Expert O’Brien loading dock and door repair technicians are ready 24/7, 365 days a year. We’ll get your door and dock back up and running FAST, fixed first time.

We have one of the largest inventories of dock and door repair parts in Ontario, meaning we’ll likely have the part you need ready to install. Our technicians are skilled trouble-shooters, and are able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly and efficiently. 

When your equipment goes down, every minute can mean lost revenue. Our commercial door and loading dock repair technicians are available 365 days a year to provide you with emergency repairs. Call us any time, day or night. We have a large service fleet at the ready, so our professionals can be there to fix the problem and get you back up and running FAST. For IMMEDIATE SERVICE, call O’Brien at 1-866-399-2267.

Why Wait for Problems to Start? O’Brien Preventive Maintenance Keeps Your Operation Running Smoothly

You wouldn’t run your cars and trucks without regular oil changes, would you? Why treat your loading dock and doors any differently? O’Brien preventive maintenance helps maintain or improve performance, maximize the lifespan of your door and dock…and even save you money over time. Our skilled technicians offer a complete inspection, we’ll fix minor problems, and point out any safety concerns.

You’ll get a detailed record with every visit, and when we leave, you can be confident your dock and door are ready to roll. Keep your business humming – get the full potential from your dock and door with O’Brien preventive maintenance services. Contact O’Brien for a quote today.

Doors and Docks, Overhead Crane Solutions – O’Brien Offers Complete Lifting Solutions

At O’Brien, we’re known for more than commercial doors and docks. We also provide a complete line of overhead crane solutions. We offer bridge crane, jib crane, gantry crane, and runway structure solutions. With advice and support from our team of experienced engineers, skilled installation, and expert service, all at the ready. We also provide a complete range of hoists, whether you need a wire rope or chain hoist, electric hoist, or air hoist. It’s hard to find a better selection than what O’Brien has on offer. 

You need your lifting solutions to work for you. O’Brien offers unparalleled choice, expertise, and the kind of confidence you can only get by dealing with people who have been leading the industry for more than 60 years. Call us at 1-866-399-2267 to see how O’Brien can get your business moving…FAST.

O’Brien Lifting Solutions – The Right Choice for Commercial Dock and Door and Crane Solutions

We’re family founded, and the same integrity and family values continue to drive our company. We treat our customers like family too. Find out why our customers rave about our service and care. Contact O’Brien Lifting Solutions for your crane or commercial dock and door solutions.

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