Ontario Door & Dock Supplier Installs a Unique Loading Dock Solution

Ontario Door & Dock Supplier Installs a Unique Loading Dock Solution

O’Brien Installations Limited (O’Brien), a supplier and installer of industrial doors and loading dock equipment, has recently completed a large loading dock solution for one of the largest importers of dried coconuts in North America, Klassic Coconut in Hagersville, Ontario.

Klassic Cocunut required the following for the project;

  1. An easy to use loading dock and door system with an airtight seal to keep pests out of tractor trailers which may sit for extended periods of time
  2. A quick, safe and automatic industrial door within the facility to maximize operational efficiencies

O’Brien’s loading dock solution (https://obrienliftingsolutions.com/door-docks/) included a variety of Blue Giant products which were controlled by a central communication system located at each dock. The system allows the loading dock operator to engage each sequence of the unloading and loading process safety once the truck approached the dock. The sequence begins by inflating a dock seal wrapping around the truck creating an air tight opening to keep pests out. Once completed, the operator engages a powerful truck restraint positioning the trailer for safe loading and unloading. A traffic communication systems notifies both the driver and the operator that the truck restraint is engaged. When the truck doors are open, the operator can lower the vertical dock leveler in the truck safety. This unique solution allows Klassic Coconut to open and close any tractor trailer door without the need of temporarily moving the truck which saves a tremendous amount of time.

Loading dock solution

To maximize operational efficiencies in the building, O’Brien’s installed Rytec’s High Speed Predador to achieve open and closing speeds up to 50 inches per second. The doors were paired with photo-eye sensors allowing them to automatically operate when a moving object approaches. This fabric door promotes safety and is self-repairing which reduces the amount of downtime fixing any failures.

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O‘Brien Installations Limited is a manufacturer of overhead cranes, jib cranes, workstation bridge cranes and a supplier of hoists, industrial doors and loading dock equipment, serving the industry for over 60 years. For further information, please contact O’Brien Installations Limited at info@obrienliftingsolutions.com or call 1-905-336-8245.