Looking for a Hard-Working Swivel Jib Crane? O’Brien Lifting Solutions Has What You Need

Looking for a Hard-Working Swivel Jib Crane? O’Brien Lifting Solutions Has What You Need

A swivel jib crane is a crane designed with pivoting “jib” or “boom” that allows the crane to move the load not only up and down, but back and forth within a defined space. Jib cranes are one of the most popular types of cranes, because they are perfect for moving light or heavy loads with efficiency and flexibility of motion. You’ll see O’Brien swivel jib cranes installed in construction sites, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities where production lines need speed and accuracy…with minimal downtime.

O’Brien cost-effective and reliable swivel jib cranes are available in floor or column-mounted, wall mounted, and articulating configurations. Our team of experts can assist you in selecting an out-of-the-box crane or designing a custom crane solution for your facility’s needs. Call O’Brien today at 1-866-392-1944 or email us for more information. 

Swivel Jib Crane Key Features

Before you talk to our experts, here’s a few terms you might want to know. The key features of a swivel jib crane include:

  • Jib Arm or boom: horizontal beam that extends outward from the crane’s vertical support structure, mounted on a pivot point allowing it to swivel.
  • Mast (or column) – vertical support structure supporting the boom. The mast is mounted to a wall, column or other engineering support structure, providing a “backbone” to support the crane.
  • Hoist and Trolley System: the hoist is used to lift and lower loads, while the trolley allows horizontal movement along the length of the jib arm.

What to Look For When Choosing Your Crane

Production considerations are key for choosing the right swivel jib crane for your operation.

  • Mounting options – where will the crane be mounted – on the floor, a column, or a wall?
  • Loads and load capacity – what will you be lifting and how heavy is a maximum load?
  • Lifting height – how high do you need to lift your loads – what is the headroom in your facility?
  • Working span – how much horizontal space do you need to lift your loads?
  • Rotation – how much of a rotation do you need? Different jib crane configurations provide different movement options. An understanding of your space and production requirements will help you choose the right jib crane for your needs.

With a wide range of swivel jib crane options available, you can count on the experts at O’Brien Lifting solutions to help you select the swivel right jib crane for your application from our extensive jib crane product line.

O’Brien Jib Crane Lineup – We Have What You Need

Free-standing jib cranes, wall-mounted, wall-travelling, jib cranes ideal for lower spaces or lifting loads higher. At O’Brien we have a swivel jib crane for almost any application. In fact, you could say we command an entire “army” of cranes:

  • Lancer jib crane – our articulating jib crane build for speed, handling small loads up to 1,000 lbs. 
  • Assistant jib crane – our low-headroom cantilever design for simple lifting with up to 4,000 lbs with up to 270° rotation.
  • Cadet jib crane – featuring a factory-welded dual tie rod bar for easy installations, no levelling adjustments, able to lift loads up to 4.000 lbs and rotate 270°.
  • Tie Rod jib crane – a general-purpose wall-mounted crane, with a cost-effective “bolt-together” design with capacities up to 6,000 lbs with up to up to 200° rotation.
  • Sergeant jib crane – cantilever design great for facilities with low-headroom; able to lift loads up to 20,000 lbs with up to 180°
  • Major jib crane – one of the best-selling freestanding jib cranes because it provides huge flexibility, lifting loads up to 20,000 lbs and offering 360° rotation.
  • Boss jib crane –commonly used in the toughest indoor and outdoor applications like shipyards and foundries, this crane carries loads up to 40,000 lbs and offers 360° rotation of the load.

Contact O’Brien for Professional Crane Installation, Expert Crane Maintenance and Repairs

Whatever your lifting application, whatever your space requirements, O’Brine has the reliable and innovative lifting solutions you need to get the job done. From out-of-the box to custom designed crane solutions, O’Brien will work with you to choose the right swivel jib crane, overhead crane, gantry crane, or workstation crane for your production requirements and get you working quickly. We also offer crane maintenance and repairs 24/7. Call O’Brien today at 1-866-392-1944 or request a quote online. Follow O’Brien on Facebook or LinkedIn.