MET-TRACK Workstation Bridge Crane

MET-TRACK Workstation Bridge Crane

Hidden Value of a Workstation Bridge Crane

While it may not be the first option that comes to your mind, the fact is that more and more companies are seeing the benefits of choosing to install Workstation Bridge Crane systems in their place of work. What separates the Workstation Bridge Cranes is the ability to provide consistent ease of use over the entire workspace, which helps eliminate stress and fatigue on your employees, as the Bridge Crane does all the heavy lifting for you! This also allows you peace of mind knowing the load positioning is accurate, as well as the movement of what ever you are lifting will be transitioned from point A to point B easy and efficiently.

At O’Brien Lifting Solutions Inc. our MET-TRACK® system by Metreel are manufactured to your specification. Our Workstation Bridge Cranes come in two very unique designs: Floor Mounted and Ceiling Mounted, which offer different benefits depending on your workspace, and what your future goals are. Let’s look first at the Floor Mounted Workstation Crane design.

A big fear of many buyers is what do they do with the crane if they plan on moving locations in the near future? Such an investment only to be left behind for the next owner to fully utilize. This is one of the key features of the Floor Mounted Workstation Bridge Crane, as it is not a permanent part of your facility and thus can be easily relocated in the future if such a situation arises. As an added bonus there is not any unnecessary stress applied to the building roof structure, and the installation is much simpler saving you time and money.

Does your workplace have a lot of moving parts, or clutter scattered across the floor? Is it challenging to find space to set up a permanent lifting solution? If you’re in this boat, the Ceiling Mounted Workstation Bridge Crane is what you are looking for. This crane is installed using the support structure of the building and allows the crane to move on a runway overtop of you, meaning you can continue working the way you normally do, and don’t have to worry about moving parts around.

Whatever system works best for your particular workspace, you can rest assured and have the peace of mind knowing that the MET-TRACK® workstation bridge cranes offer you quality materials and construction to enable a long shelve life crane with minimum maintenance required. Our Workstation Bridge Cranes make the work easier by designing the systems to move more freely.