O’Brien Crane Parts: Huge Inventory on Hand for Quick Repairs

O’Brien Crane Parts: Huge Inventory on Hand for Quick Repairs

Crane parts – when you need them, you often need them FAST. That’s why O’Brien Lifting Solutions stocks one of the largest inventories of crane parts in North America. Crane hooks, chains, hoist assemblies, hoist drums, drive shafts, complete radio remote control systems, crane motors and controls – if you need it, O’Brien likely keeps it in stock.  

And not just crane parts – O’Brien keeps a large inventory of parts for commercial garage door installation and repair as well.

Crane Parts for 24/7 Emergency Crane Repairs

We stock the most common crane parts our customers need for emergency crane repairs. Whether or not we installed your crane system, we stand at the ready to repair your crane if you have an unexpected breakdown. 

We understand how important your crane is to the efficient operation of your business, that’s why no job is too big or too small – when you call O’Brien for crane parts or crane repairs, we’ll respond swiftly and professionally to get you back to work as smoothly as possible.

Most Common Crane Parts Needed for Repairs

Some of the most common crane parts needed for repairs are parts prone to wear and tear, including:

  • Wire ropes or cables
  • Bearings like slewing bearings, boom bearings, and trolley bearings
  • Hydraulic seals
  • Brake pads or discs
  • Radio remote control systems
  • Electrical components like relays, switches, and wiring
  • Sheaves and pulleys used for guiding and supporting cables
  • Boom / jib sections
  • Load-bearing pins and bolts.

Wear and tear due to regular use, corrosion, or damage is common on any frequently used industrial system. That’s why regular inspections and maintenance are critical to the safe and efficient operation of your crane system.

Avoid Unscheduled Work Stoppages with our Scheduled Maintenance Plans

While we can’t guarantee your crane system will never break down, we can confidently say that the likelihood of an unscheduled crane repair will be greatly reduced with regular crane service

Periodic crane inspections are required in most jurisdictions. In Canada, crane construction and inspection requirements are set forth in the applicable Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and the Canadian Standards Association CSA-B167 Standard. 

We complete all our inspections to ensure you meet all regulatory requirements, and to help ensure you avoid costly breakdowns.

Our inspections include:

  • A detailed visual inspection of common crane parts prone to wear like load hooks, load chains, and wire ropes,
  • Testing for gear problems and checking all oil levels.
  • Checking brakes, electrical contacts, and safety components.
  • Inspection of all structural stress points on cranes and runway systems.

O’Brien technicians keep a complete record of inspection results and can issue inspection certificates and documentation as required. If there’s a need for a minor repair, we have the crane parts to fix it on-site or schedule a time for the repair. We’ll also provide recommendations for future maintenance or repairs to keep you on top of your maintenance needs and allow you to budget for planned repairs.

Count on O’Brien’s Extensive Inventory of Crane Parts

O’Brien stocks the crane parts you need, for when you need them the most. Every hour of downtime costs your operation, so when you call, we’ll respond – day or night. With over 60 years in the industry, we understand what it takes to keep your crane operations up and running. O’Brien is your one-stop shop for crane design and installation, crane operator training, maintenance, repairs, and crane parts.

And more than just cranes – we offer preventive maintenance for your industrial and commercial garage doors as well.

Reach out to O’Brien Lifting Solutions today by calling 1-866-939-4541 or contacting us online. Find out why our customers trust us to care for their crane equipment – and their business.Follow O’Brien on Facebook or LinkedIn.