Fall Arrest & Fall Restraint

Fall Arrest Equipment


SAFETRACK® Has a Variety of Track Designs to Suit All Applications.

SAFETRACK® is a horizontal fall arrest/fall restraint system that comprises a permanently installed rigid anchorage rail and free running anchorage connectors housed within the enclosed profile. Available in either standard or reinforced configuration SAFETRACK® can be used for up to 8 users with supports of up to 12m.

The Versatility of SAFETRACK®, due to its modular design, means that each system can be designed in unlimited lengths and makes it easy to add sections in order to extend existing systems should the need arise.

Utilizing the correct design layout, SAFETRACK® offers safe access to high-level work areas that would normally be classed as high risk. As a preference, SAFETRACK® should be installed in a fall restraint configuration to minimize the possibility of a fall. In circumstances that do not allow for fall restraint, SAFETRACK® can be installed to provide workers with the ultimate fall arrest protection.

SAFETRACK® Product Line

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Inverted ‘L’ Free Standing Monorails
T-Frame Monorails
Inverted U Monorails
Single Post System
Swing Arm System
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Traveling Bridge System
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