Track & Trolley Types

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Track & Trolley Types

In addition to our range of standard systems, SAFETRACK® can be tailored to meet your needs.

Our SAFETRACK® plain steel track provides smooth motion and its low profile keeps installation space requirements to a minimum. Plain track can also be supplied in custom curves making it suitable for continuous applications that need to follow specific paths.

For applications that require wider spans to accommodate existing building supports our SAFETRACK® SIAB track is ideal. The trussed design has been developed to keep the profile weight to minimum in order to reduce stress on structures while offering an effective solution for wide-span applications.

Need to be safe and have the ability to pass co-workers on multi-user systems? SAFETRACK® DUAL offers all the benefits of our SAFETRACK® SIAB profile with the added benefit that users can pass each other without unsafely disconnecting from the system allowing for more freedom of movement and increased productivity.

A profile recently added to our SAFETRACK® range is our ALUMINUM AL360. Designed specifically for aesthetic installations where the profile must become integral to the building design. The clean lines of the circular profile are not compromised as all connections are hidden away.

If you need large spans but are limited by weight do to the roof structure, then our SAFETRACK® ALUMINUM AL700 profile is the perfect choice. This profile is also ideal for applications within the food or pharmaceutical industry where contamination is a concern.

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