Manual Hoists

Life’s Tough Underground, but Manual Hoists are Tougher

SHB Kito Hand Hoist 

Sometimes there’s just not enough room above a load to use a standard hoist. That’s where the low profile SHB hoist and trolley combo work where others can’t. Built around the quality CB hoist with headroom’s as low as 4.5 inches, the SHB is ideal for demanding industrial lifting applications where space is extra tight.

RCB Kito Hand Chain Hoist

The RCB’s spark resistant design is certified to ATEX standards to ensure safer lifting in dust-laden or explosive gas atmospheres. The RCB is specifically designed for use in petroleum, pharmaceutical and food industries, or any application where safety is improved by the use of anti-sparking equipment. Be sure to look for the ATEX mark to know that your hoist is safe to use in environments with combustible gases, vapours and dusts.

CX Kito Hand Chain Hoist

With its smooth lines, integrated aluminum body and impossibly small size, the CX might seem better suited for displaying than working. Not true. The CX is a remarkable engineering achievement in both design and performance, with the 1/4 tonne model weighing less than 6 lbs, and the 1/2 tonne model weighing 9.9 lbs. The heat-treated gears and innovative brake system are also sealed to protect against damage from dust and water, and its hooks have tip-supported latches with wide openings to perform jobs big or small.

CF Kito Hand Chain Hoist

The CF exemplifies simplicity in design while making zero compromises on performance. Its die cast aluminum body reduces the hoist weight and won’t corrode when exposed to the elements. Plus, the proven 1:1 ratio gear system makes it a fast hoist that’s reliable and maintenance friendly. The CF is simply the best choice when you need an economical hoist that doesn’t skimp on toughness.

CB Kito Hand Chain Hoist

The CB proves its unmatched pulling power in the most extreme conditions. Exceptional, heavy-grade components make this a long-lasting workhorse
that tackles severe -40 ̊C temperatures and truly hostile Northern winters.

HCB Kito Hand Chain Hoist

Save time and increase efficiency with the world’s first dual-speed manual chain hoist. Kito’s innovative magnetic clutch technology senses the load and
changes gears automatically to work seven times faster when repositioning an unloaded hook. The result is a significant reduction in labour costs and
operator fatigue – something your workers and your accountant will appreciate.