Reduce Downtime with O’Brien Crane Service and Commercial Door Repair 

Reduce Downtime with O’Brien Crane Service and Commercial Door Repair 

When do you need O’Brien crane service and commercial door repair? When your shop is humming, your warehouse is moving products in and out, and your production line is moving. Why then? Because at O’Brien Lifting Solutions, we believe that the right time for crane service and commercial door repair is BEFORE problems begin.

We’re not saying we’ll service your cranes and commercial doors in the middle of your busy production schedule. We’ll work with you to schedule a time that works best for you and your business. What we are saying is never put off crane or door maintenance because you are busy – you may end up with a stalled production line or workplace safety issue – and that’s a slowdown that’s harder to bounce back from.

How Often Should You Get Crane Service?

There are numerous safety codes and standards governing crane design, installation, maintenance, and service. According to Canadian Standard Association Standard B167-16 (R2021), cranes should be inspected annually. In some cases, quarterly or semi-annual inspections are required, based on how much your cranes are used.

crane service

If your crane is in operation repeatedly and is critical to your business, you may wish to schedule crane service inspections more often than required by the codes. If it’s critical to your business – take care of it.

How Often Should You Service Your Commercial Doors?

The frequency of service for commercial doors depends on a number of factors, including frequency of use, quality of the door, door age and condition, and where it is located (e.g., How much is it exposed to the elements?). We recommend you service commercial doors at least once per year – more if it is an older door, or constantly in service.

O’Brien Preventive Maintenance Packages – Maximize Security, Minimize Downtime

As we stated at the beginning, at O’Brien we believe the best strategy is to prevent problems before they even begin. That’s why we offer Preventive Maintenance Packages that ensure you remain compliant with all safety regulations and with regular service intervals customized for your equipment and operating environment.

At O’Brien, we make commercial door and crane service easy. At each visit, we will:

  • Perform a detailed visual inspection of the equipment.
  • Complete operational testing
  • Check all parts, fluid levels (as necessary), and electrical contacts
  • Perform minor adjustments as required for optimal operation.
  • Keep a detailed written log of problem areas, and work performed.
  • Issue an approved Inspection Certificate and required Certifications where necessary.

A Huge Inventory of Parts When You Need a Repair or Crane Service

Let’s face it – even if you follow a regular maintenance plan, something can go wrong. That’s when you want to call in O’Brien for a fix, no matter where you are in the US, Canada, or Mexico. 

If you need a crane or commercial door repair, you need O’Brien. We carry one of the largest parts inventories in North America, ensuring that when your production slows down, our technicians have what they need to get you up and running FAST.

Crane Service at O’Brien Lifting Solutions

At O’Brien, we pride our Top-quality repairs, maintenance, and fast equipment and parts delivery to keep you up and running. Whether you need crane service or commercial door repair, you can count on O’Brien. We are committed to doing the job right, the first time, keeping our customers satisfied, and 

Call in the knowledgeable O’Brien Lifting Solutions team to diagnose and repair all your lifting and door solutions at 1-866-392-1944, or email us to talk about your commercial door and crane service and repair needs.

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