Roll Up Garage Doors: Exceptional Selection, Unparalleled Service

Roll Up Garage Doors: Exceptional Selection, Unparalleled Service

Roll up garage doors – for the best selection, incredible maintenance and repair, and the best parts inventory in North America, you want O’Brien Lifting Solutions. We offer a wide selection of commercial and industrial roll up garage doors in steel or rubber. Windows or windowless, insulated or non-insulated, steel or rubber, high-speed, various sizes, colours, and costs – we have what you need to make sure your entryways let customers and materials in and out of your facility. Need a quote for your site? Contact O’Brien today to talk about your job-specific requirements and conditions, and we’ll get you what you need – 1-866-392-1944.

O’Brien Roll Up Garage Doors: Applications

From fire stations to factories, repair shops to retail stores – you see O’Brien supplied and installed roll up garage doors everywhere. While we primarily supply the GTA and Golden Horseshoe, O’Brien has completed industrial door installation projects throughout southern Ontario and beyond. 

So what do you need in your commercial and industrial door?

  • Impact resistance – we have roll up garage doors that can take a hit and keep working.
  • Temperature control – we have a wide selection of rubber doors and insulated doors that help keep the heat in and cold out of your facility – or the reverse if you need it!
  • Size – from smaller openings for cars and vans to larger doors for unloading the biggest trucks, we offer a wide range of solutions.
  • Line of Sight – do you need windows for line of sight, or do you want to block the view inside your facility? We have commercial roll up garage doors that provide full or partial view…or none at all. 
  • Colour – need your door to match your brand? We carry doors like the G-1000 available in up to 10 colours.

What are you waiting for? Request a quote for your roll up garage door application today. Call O’Brien at 1-866-392-1944, or request a quote online.

Roll Up Garage Doors: Repairs and Maintenance

At O’Brien, our service goes beyond industrial door installation – we also provide expert 24/7 repairs for your roll up garage doors. With access to one of the largest parts inventory in North America, our experienced technicians can get you back in business quickly. Have a problem? Call our industrial door repair service for immediate repairs at 1-866-392-1944. 

Even better? Sign up for a commercial and industrial garage door Preventive Maintenance plan to extend the life of your roll up garage doors. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how preventive maintenance can save you time and money, check out our blog about Preventive Care and Maintenance for overhead commercial doors.

Industrial Door Installation – Designing your Perfect Dock or Bay

Starting from scratch? Building a new facility or completely redesigning your existing facility to maximize your production capabilities? Your loading docks or bays have a critical impact on efficient facility operations. O’Brien commercial and industrial door and loading dock experts have seen it all, and can help you design your ideal loading dock, considering your facility’s space, dock/bay use, and the environment inside and outside your building. Let the garage door professionals at O’Brien help – give us a call at 1-866-392-1944.

Commercial and Industrial Roll Up Doors – Contact the Experts at O’Brien Today

When you need to install a new door or replace an existing garage door. When you need an expert roll up door repair quickly. When you want trusted advice and access to a huge selection of roll up doors. That’s when you need O’Brien Lifting Solutions. We pride ourselves in offering everything you need for efficient, smooth loading dock operations.Follow O’Brien on Facebook or LinkedIn.