Air Hoists


Precise Feathering Capabilities for the Control You Need

TCS Kito Air Hoist 

Sometimes a job requires ultra-high lifting speeds and 100% duty ratings. With speeds up to 112 fpm at full capacity, the TCS offers blazing performance, while still providing quiet operation and optimal fine feathering to control your load position. Fast, quiet and precise—that’s an unbeatable combination.

 TCR Kito Air Hoist

If you need a hoist with 100 percent duty ratings, fine-feathering controls and quiet operation, you’ll love the TCR pneumatic hoist. Lift all day and all night with this workhorse. Smooth starts and stops with variable-speed operation provide extremely accurate load positioning and control. Put this hoist on the top of your list when you need productivity and precision for years on end.

AL Kito Hand Chain Hoist

The Harrington AL Series Air Hoist comes with built-in safety and maintenance features. Engineered to operate completely lubrication free, the AL is a suitable choice for applications in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries that require completely dry exhaust.

AW Kito Air Hoist

The AW Series spark resistant wash down air hoist from Harrington is designed for use in limited corrosive, humid, or outdoor environments where equipment must be washed or hosed off regularly. Engineered around the AL Series Air Hoist, the AW boasts all the same ATEX certified and lubrication free features, but with additional wash down capabilities.