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Everything you wanted to know about Cranes and Doors but weren’t sure to ask.

loading docks

What’s Best – a Seal or Shelter for Loading Docks?

While many know that O’Brien Lifting Solutions specializes in cranes and commercial doors, you may not be aware that we also provide complete line of …

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loading dock

Is Your Loading Dock Setup Cutting Into Your Profits?

Your loading dock is the heartbeat of your business. Raw materials come in, finished products ship out. If your loading docks are not running at …

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Chain hoist - O'Brien Lifting Solutions

Chain Hoist, Wire Rope, Electric, and Air Hoists – Which is Right for You?

So, you need a hoist – that’s a start, but there are many choices like chain hoist and wire rope, not to mention the choice …

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Gantry Crane

Do You Need a Gantry Crane?

A gantry crane is a crane built on top of a set of legs – or sometimes a single leg. Gantry cranes can be designed …

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Jib crane

Reduce Downtime with O’Brien Crane Service and Commercial Door Repair 

When do you need O’Brien crane service and commercial door repair? When your shop is humming, your warehouse is moving products in and out, and …

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Commercial Roll Up Doors

Are Your Industrial Rolling Steel Doors Winter-Ready?

Cold temperatures, howling winds, snow, ice, and salt – commercial overhead doors on your loading bays need to handle wild winter weather. During the winter, …

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crane lift

Increase Productivity, Improve Job Safety with a Workstation Crane

Cranes come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the smallest – and most versatile – is a workstation crane. Workstation cranes are perfect …

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Jib Cranes – Durable and Versatile for Light to Heavy-Duty Lifting

Jib Cranes are popular, durable, and versatile up and down lifting solutions. When you think of a crane, you’re often picturing a jib crane in …

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Overhead Crane and Chain or Wire Rope Hoist Systems: Delivering Productivity and Efficiency

While many of our clients come to the team at O’Brien Lifting Solutions with an idea of what they want to install in their shop, …

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