Industrial Door Installation: Tips for Designing Your Ideal Loading Dock

Industrial Door Installation: Tips for Designing Your Ideal Loading Dock

As industrial door experts, it’s hard to say what we do more of – industrial door installation on new loading docks, or maintaining and replacing existing industrial roll-up doors. 

At O’Brien Lifting Solutions, we’ve been installing industrial doors for over 60 years now, and along the way, we’ve seen a lot of loading bay setups that work – and a lot that don’t.  

So, whether you’re designing a new loading bay, considering reconfiguring your existing loading dock area for greater efficiency, or looking for a company to replace or repair an existing industrial roll up door, let the professionals at O’Brien do the heavy lifting for you.

Are you looking for an expert company for dock levellers, shelters and/or industrial door installation? When you’re ready to reach out, here’s some tips to help when you talk to us.

What Type of Loading Dock Do You Want or Have?

There are a few different types of loading docks, each with their own advantages. Here are just a few common options:

  • Standard loading dock / flush dock – one of the most common types of docks, they are called “flush” because they are flush with the outside of the warehouse, and each opening is parallel to the next. Large entryways and dock levellers help you adjust to different truck width and heights. The purpose of this design is generally to maximize warehouse space.
  • Saw-tooth dock – in a saw tooth dock, each dock opening is angled to the next, creating a design like the teeth of a saw (hence the name). These docks are ideal for sites that require multiple truck openings when you have a smaller space outside your building. However, the design can limit warehouse space.
  • Enclosed docks / Closed docks – enclosed docks are a garage type structure that allow the entire truck, or most of the truck to park in an enclosed area during loading / unloading. The purpose of this dock is to protect your goods from the elements – heat, cold, and wet weather. The main disadvantage is that they take up a lot of space.
  • Open docks – the opposite of closed docks, open docks are completely open – with larger door openings that allow multiple trucks to park in one bay, without individual doors. The advantage is quicker and easier loading and unloading. The disadvantages are little to no protection against the elements, and lower security.

Industrial Door Installation

There are even more industrial door choices than there are dock configurations. And each industrial door has its advantages. When considering your industrial door choice, key factors are space, use, and environment.

  • Do the products moving in and out of your space need protection from the elements?
  • Is the interior of your building climate-controlled?
  • How often do trucks visit your facility, and how long does it take to load/unload goods?
  • Is the climate outside typically hot, cold, wet? Does it vary greatly?
  • What size of trucks visit your facility?
  • How durable do you need your doors to be?
  • Is speed of use important?

Depending on your answers to these questions, our sales team can recommend your ideal choice from our wide selection of industrial doors, including rolling steel doors, high speed doors, rubber doors, and commercial garage doors. Best of all, you get our team of high-experienced technicians to complete your industrial door installation, quickly and expertly.

Additional Dock Equipment – Levellers and Lifts, Seals and Shelters, Gates

In addition to industrial door installation, you may need to install, repair, or replace dock levellers and lifts to adjust to heights of different trucks, or install a dock seal or shelter to protect your products from the elements. At O’Brien, we are a one-stop-shop, with everything you need for smooth loading dock operations.

For Industrial Door Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs, You Can Count on O’Brien

O’Brien Lifting Solutions has everything you need to maximize your loading dock efficiency and minimize costly downtime. Our sales team has the knowledge and access to an extensive line of products – we’re confident we’ll have what you need to get the job done. Should there be a need for repair, reach out! Our maintenance team is available 24/7, with access to one of North America’s largest inventory of loading dock parts, so we can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and expertly. Call us at 1-866-706-1203 or contact us online to start your quote.Follow O’Brien on Facebook.