Designing the Ideal Overhead Bridge Crane Runway

Designing the Ideal Overhead Bridge Crane Runway

A bridge crane runway is the framework on which an overhead bridge crane moves its loads. The runway design includes runway beams, support columns, and foundations that enable overhead cranes to move your loads along the system. A properly-designed overhead bridge crane runway is critically important to safe and efficient operations. 

Designing an overhead bridge crane runway requires careful attention to many details. Whether you are installing a new crane in your facility, upgrading your existing system, or retooling your production facilities, you’ll want to ensure your installation experts have the right combination of knowledge and expertise to get the job done right.

O’Brien Lifting Solutions have been the crane experts for over 60 years, setting the benchmark for quality and service, while providing our clients with solutions that get their production lines up and running FAST.

Key Components of a Crane Runway Structure

While there are many components in an overhead crane, the primary components of a crane runway structure are:

  • Runway Beams – horizontal beams that provide a path for the crane to travel. The runway beams are elevated based on your desired lift height, and secured to structural elements in the building (columns, walls) or manufactured as a freestanding system.
  • Support columns – vertical supports for the crane runway structure. These need to be precisely placed for stability and maximum load-bearing capacity.
  • Foundation – the base for the support columns. It is important your foundation is level and free of cracks. The location of seams in the concrete slabs of your foundation can also impact crane stability and installation cost.

Why Proper Crane Runway Structure Design is Important

  1. Ability to handle heavy loads
    There are many reasons why proper crane runway structure design is critical, but let’s face it, the ability to lift heavy loads has to be at the top of the list. Your crane needs to lift and shift loads consistently, safely, and efficiently – and that will only happen if the crane runway structure is properly designed, constructed, and supported.
  2. Controlled, precise movements
    By providing a fixed path for the crane to travel, a properly designed crane runway structure can help move loads smoothly, and place them accurately, time after time. This helps optimize your workflow, and can be particularly important when you’re handling sensitive or valuable materials.
  3. Safety
    Smooth movements, making sure loads don’t shift, providing a dedicated path for load movements – paying attention to your runway structure design and construction not only helps you complete your workflow, it makes that workflow safer.
  4. Optimal Use of Space
    A well-designed crane runway structure should ideally optimize your space. This can be particularly important if floor space is at a premium in your facility.
  5. Versatility
    While some cranes are designed to do one thing, you can think ahead with your crane bridge runway design, and anticipate changing facility needs, like single or double-girder cranes, crane upgrades and modular crane designs.

Build it Safe, Keep it Safe – Crane Maintenance and Inspections

Once you design and build your crane runway system, it’s important to keep it properly maintained. Not just to check the box for inspections – you want to keep your crane running at optimal efficiency to avoid unnecessary production downtime.

O’Brien offers regular inspection services, plus Crane Preventive Maintenance Packages to help keep your equipment running safely and smoothly. Our crane maintenance includes inspecting all equipment according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, ensuring you meet regulatory requirements.

If your equipment does break down, you can count on our expert crane technicians to get you back up and running quickly. We carry one of the largest parts inventories in North America so we can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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