Advantages of a Wire Rope Hoist

Advantages of a Wire Rope Hoist

At O’Brien Lifting Solutions, we know there’s no one right hoist for every job, but whatever your wire rope hoist needs, O’Brien can help you find the right hoist for the job. Whether you’re lifting lighter loads, or up to 100-tonnes, we carry a complete line of out-of-the-box hoists, custom-configured hoists, and hoist accessories to suit your needs.

Why Choose a Wire Rope Hoist?

Generally, a wire rope hoist will be more expensive than the more common chain hoist. But they also have a few advantages over the chain hoist, including the ability to lift heavier loads, lift loads higher, speed, precision, and flexibility in motion, and many additional special features.

  • High lifting capacity – a wire rope hoist is capable of lifting substantial loads.
  • High lift heights – need to lift your loads really high? Choosing a chain hoist may limit your lift height.
  • Durability in hot or harsh environments – wire rope hoists typically fare better than a chain hoist in the heat, dusty environments or if you’re working with chemicals. Chain hoists may perform better in the extreme cold.
  • Precision and control – wire rope hoists generally offer greater precision of movement than cable hoists.
  • Speed – in addition, a wire rope hoist can also offer faster lifting speeds.
  • Special features – wire rope hoist configurations offer more special feature selections.

Like chain hoists, wire rope hoists are versatile, come with safety features like overload protection, emergency braking systems and limit switches, are easy to maintain, and can be a cost-effective lifting solution for your facility.

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O’Brien’s Selection of Reliable and Dependable Wire Rope Hoist Systems

For larger or lighter loads, O’Brien delivers a range of electric wire rope hoists to help you get the job done.

Street ZX Electric Wire Rope Hoists

With a reputation for reliability, the Street ZX sets the industry benchmark for quality, providing exceptionally safe and efficient lifting capabilities. This hoist is easy to operate, provides high-endurance lifting capabilities, and state-of-the-art technology designed to maximize your productivity.

Street VX Electric Wire Rope Hoists

The Street VX sets the lifting standard with capacities up to 250 tonnes, high operating speeds, and large lifting heights. The Street VX is designed to perform in some of the toughest production conditions with minimal maintenance. 

Ready for a New Hoist?

Reach out to O’Brien Lifting Solutions to find out what hoist is right for your application. We have a great selection of hoists – including chain, wire rope (cable), and pneumatic (air) hoists to suit your needs. We will work with you to choose the right hoist to satisfy your production needs and budget. Get started with our blog: Chain Hoist, Wire Rope, Electric, and Air Hoists – Which is Right for You?

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