The Ins and Outs of Professional Commercial Door Installation and Repair

The Ins and Outs of Professional Commercial Door Installation and Repair

While the dead of winter is not the best time to be planning commercial door installation, it can be a busy time for commercial door repair. Whether it’s salt corroding commercial door parts, the cold weather and moisture freezing up hinges, rollers, tracks and springs, or the worst – trucks sliding on ice and damaging your doors, winter weather can take a toll on your facility’s doors.

Luckily so far this winter has been mild, but at O’Brien Lifting Solutions, we’re still getting lots of calls from our customers for commercial door repairs. And we know commercial door installation requests will pick up in the spring as the warmer weather arrives. So now is an ideal time to talk about the ins and outs of commercial door installation and repair.

Commercial Door Installation Basics

A lot goes into choosing the right commercial door and loading dock system for your facility. You don’t ever want to let your loading dock set up cut into your profits.

Commercial door installation starts with assessment and planning – consider traffic flow, security, accessibility, truck sizes, climate. Work with an expert to choose the right door type to meet your needs. That means selecting the right door type (like steel, aluminum, or rubber), construction (rolling, hinged), and speed (high speed, variable). If you’re in a cold or wet climate, weatherstripping, dock seals, or shelters are a must. You’ll also want to ensure your doors – and any docks and lifts – comply with building codes and safety standards.

And what about security? Do you need to add security cameras, lighting, specialty locks, and / or access control systems? You might as well plan and build a complete loading bay system all at once. 

If you’re not sure what you need, the commercial door installation experts at O’Brien Lifting Solutions can help. We are your one-stop-shop for door and dock products, selling and installing a huge variety of commercial doors. We also carry a range of dock lifts, levellers, gate systems, seals, shelters, and restraints for a complete loading dock solution. 

And because we understand that your commercial doors and loading bays are the heartbeat of your business, we pride ourselves on getting our commercial door installation jobs done right, the first time.

Looking for Something on the Smaller Scale?

O’Brien’s commercial door installation expertise is not only in larger scale loading docks. We also sell and install a range of specialty doors including security grilles, fire doors and fire shutters, garage doors, freezer doors, and car wash doors. Because you can’t really call yourselves the experts unless you can do it all!

Commercial Door Repair

O’Brien expertise extends to commercial door maintenance and repairs. Because it’s winter, let’s talk repairs first. If your commercial door breaks down anytime it can slow your production and stop your product from moving in and out. But in the winter, it’s worse – because when doors are damaged, cold air can rush in, ramping up your heating bills, cooling down your employees, and possibly even damaging the product and equipment inside your facility.

That’s why you need expert commercial door repairs – fast. And O’Brien delivers. We carry one of the largest part inventories in North America. That means we’ll likely have the right part to make the repairs on hand, allowing us to finish the job quickly. And just like with commercial door installation, our trained technicians like to get the job done right.

Even better? Consider a commercial door preventative maintenance plan. Preventative maintenance can help identify and fix little problems before they become big ones. In doing so, it can help you save money, reduce downtime, and extend the life of your commercial doors.

For Professional Commercial Door Installation and Repair, Choose O’Brien

O’Brien Lifting Solutions is your best choice for expert commercial door installation and repair. We have over 60 years in the business backing our claim! Our total package solution includes a wide selection of products, a huge inventory of parts, and expert technicians with high standards for quality. When you need commercial door specialists, reach out to O’Brien online, or call us at 1-866-670-1224.Follow O’Brien on LinkedIn or Facebook