Dock Lifts

Safe and Efficient Material Handling for Docks

Dock lifts are a type of loading dock equipment which consist of a device that travels generally 5 feet or less to safely load and unload materials from trucks to a ground elevation.

Dock lifts (elevating docks) can be built in virtually any size and capacity required for the application. They provide the ability to service trucks at any height and can also offer access to ground level for fork trucks. Pit mounted dock lifts are capable of height adjustments between 0″ and 59″. Greater efficiency can be achieved by utilizing a dock lift wide enough to allow side-by-side pallet loading.

How to Select the Right Dock Lift
Determine the Lifting Capacity
Lifting capacity = Load Weight + Material Handling Equipment Weight + Operator Weight

Load weight: 4,500 lbs
Fork truck weight: 7,300 lbs
Operator weight: 200 lbs
Scissor lift capacity required: 12,000 lbs

Determine the Axle Capacity
The axle capacity is the amount of weight placed on a lift as the load and transport vehicle enters the lift.

This is the point at which the most stress is placed on the lift, as the weight is concentrated on one side of the lift. Blue Giant scissor lifts have a single axles rating of 80% across the open ends and 50% across the sides.

Dock Seals & Shelters

Improving Productivity Within Your Loading Area

Dock seals and shelters are a type of loading dock equipment that consist of a rubber canvas that covers the door face to seal the gap between the dock and the trailer’s entrance.

Our dock seals are one of the best due to a combination of factors including:

Versatile designs – We fit all door and dock sizes no matter what building and operational specification
Tenacious materials – Tear resistant, weather resistant, puncture resistant, abrasion resistant
Reliable performance – Trouble-free installation, remarkable dependability and durability