Adjustable Head Curtain – Series D200

Generally designed to suit 8´ wide x 10´ high openings. The Adjustable Head Curtain – Series D200 is used to seal higher door openings when a head pad will not work. A top header curtain is supplied with a rope & pulley system that can be raised and lowered to suit a variety of truck heights. Two foam side pads seal the gap between the building wall and the truck.


  • Save hundreds of dollars in reduced energy costs
  • Improve working conditions by keeping dust, dirt, debris & insects out
  • Protect product & personnel from harsh weather conditions
  • Increase productivity by providing a safe & comfortable working environment
  • Durable range of hi-performance fabrics to choose from
  • Custom sizes available


PVC Drop CurtainLow temp PVC strips can be used for non-adjustable applications to suit a variety of trucks.
Velcro SplitA velcro split between the side pads allows the centre section of the curtain to be adjusted even after the truck has docked.
Fixed Foam FaceA 4˝ thick foam pad is sewn onto the face of the fixed curtain to ensure a tighter seal.
1/2 Foam Face Velcro SplitThe top half of the curtain has a 4˝ thick fixed foam pad while the bottom of the curtain has a velcro split.
Full Foam Face Velco SplitThis unit comes with a 4˝ thick full foam face pad for a tighter seal. A velcro split allows the bottom portion of the curtain to be raised and lowered accordingly.