Advantages of a Chain Hoist

Advantages of a Chain Hoist

A chain hoist is one of the most common hoist types. While a wire rope hoist is made of strands of metal wrapped tightly around a core, chain hoists are made of single chains linked together to form, well, a chain.

In a previous blog, we discussed the advantages of a wire rope hoist, and they are many – durability in harsh environments, high lifting capacity and lift heights, and the ability to operate at faster lifting speeds.

Chain hoists have many of the advantages of their wire rope counterparts, however they are better suited for lighter weight lifting applications. The key advantages of a chain hoist are maneuverability and cost.

Why Choose a Chain Hoist?

A chain hoist is typically less expensive than a wire rope hoist (also called a cable hoist). That’s one of the reasons why they are more common. While most wire rope hoists have an edge over chain hoists in terms of speed and lifting capacity, a chain hoist can handle most everyday lifting needs.

Here’s a breakdown of chain hoist capabilities:

  • System weight – due to their construction, a chain hoist is typically much lighter than a cable hoist. For example, our half tonne manual chain hoist system weighs less than 50 lbs. That’s a lot of lifting power for such a light package!
  • Maneuverability – that lighter weight leads to our second benefit – improved maneuverability. The lighter chain makes it easier to move the system – and the load.
  • Easy to maintain – typically, chain hoist systems have simple designs, making them easy to maintain.
  • Versatility – chain hoists are available for a wide range of production needs – from the extreme cold to clean room environments.

There’s no real right choice for every lifting need. While wire rope hoist systems can be a little more pricey, their ability to lift heavy loads over long distances may make them the right choice for your environment.

Chain hoists are a cost-effective solution for lifting lighter loads frequently. They can be used to replace manual lifting, reducing worker fatigue and injury. Although wire rope hoists can carry heavier loads, the right chain hoist can easily handle lifts up to 10 tons or more. 

Choose O’Brien for Your Manual and Electric Chain Hoist Systems

O’Brien Lifting Solutions offers a range of manual and electric chain hoists from some of the world’s leading hoist manufacturers, Kito and Street Crane.

O’Brien Manual Chain Hoist Selection – reduce worker fatigue and increase productivity with a cost-effective manual chain hoist system. We have low profile options to fit in smaller spaces, spark-resistant designs safe for work in dusty areas or explosive gas environments, and clean-room systems perfect for food production or pharma manufacturers. The tough CB Kito Hand Chain Hoist is built to perform in environments as cold as -40 degrees Celsius.

O’Brien Electric Chain Hoist Selection – our electric chain hoist systems reduce worker fatigue even more by combining the load handling ability of the chain hoist with an electrical motor that performs all the heavy lifting. With available single-phase and three phase electric options for a variety of power situations and a range of features like variable frequency drives and smart braking technology, we can recommend the perfect electric chain hoist system for almost any industrial need.

O’Brien Lifting Solutions: Your First Choice for Hoists

With more than 60 years in the business, we’ve gained almost unmatched industry expertise. We know which products work best in different environments and work hard to make sure our customers get the products they need at a price they can afford. As your crane and hoist supplier, our goal is to build strong, trusted, and lasting relationships that benefit both of our businesses. For experience, you can count on O’Brien Lifting Solutions. 

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