Single Post System

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Single Post System


Single post systems provide independent, permanent fall arrest solutions for areas where numerous obstacles exist or in areas where multi-column supported systems aren’t possible.

Single pole systems are widely used in the transportation industry for working on rail cars, trucks and trailers and are extensively used in outdoor environments. Single post systems only need a single foundation making them a cost effective solution to many fall arrest applications.


  • Floor mounted support structure can be sited where required
  • Single pole only requires a single foundation
  • Ideal for areas with limited space
  • Single or multi-user systems with or without passability are available
  • Long spans of single path fall protection
  • Easy installation

What you need to know…

  • Working capacity (1 or 2 person)
  • Passability for workers? Yes/No
  • Arm reach (AR)
  • Monorail length (ML) in feet
  • Trolley pin height (TPH) in feet