Gantry Cranes

Optimizing Your Workspace

Gantry cranes are an ideal solution for applications where lifting is needed without the cost of a building or supporting steelwork. For full and semi-gantry cranes, similar to an overhead crane (bridge crane), the runway is located on the floor rather than the ceiling. Portable gantry cranes use polyurethane wheels and are completely mobile, which is used for light lifting.

Gantry cranes can be placed indoors or outdoors and cost less than an overhead crane system.

For smaller safe working loads, one popular option is the rail-less semi-gantry crane when a floor rail would be an obstruction or too costly. In this case, the crane runs on polyurethane wheels.


  • Capacities up to 50,000lbs
  • Full and semi – gantry crane models run on a rail attached to the floor or ground
  • Polyurethane wheels are optional for semi-gantry and portable gantry models