Wire Rope Hoists


Advanced lifting technology

Street ZX Electric Wire Rope Hoists

The ZX wire rope hoists set the benchmark in the crane industry. It provides a series of unique benefits for the user. ZX epitomizes intelligent design – for easy load handling – impressive performance – exceptional safety levels.

We invite you to compare the following hoist specification with any in the world and we think you will agree ZX represents unbeatable value for money and a great investment.


  • Capacities up to 80 tonnes
  • Fast hoist speeds for shorter handling times
  • Two-speed travel using 8:2 pole motor(s) or frequency
  • Special voltages
  • One step traverse limit switches (slowdown or stop)
  • Two step traverse limit switches (slowdown and stop)
  • Push-button pendant on the hoist
  • Visual or audible overload warning
  • Second hoist brake mounted on hoist motor
  • Standby heaters on the hoist and trolley motor
  • Standby heaters in control panel
  • Frequency inverter on hoist motor
  • Non-standard traverse speeds

Street VX Electric Wire Rope Hoists


VX electric wire rope hoists are designed to operate in tough, arduous conditions with a high frequency of switching operations. They can be rated for higher duty classifications and/or faster lifting speeds or with greater lifting heights than competitor hoists and the open plan design makes servicing and maintenance uniquely easy.

VX electric wire rope hoists are available in many formats with multiple combinations of drum length, gear ratio and rope reeve providing mechanical handling solutions up to 200 tonnes safe working load.

The most economic solutions are the standard formats, however the flexible design is ideal for incorporating supplementary equipment and providing process integration to the most exacting specifications.

Modern design technology is combined with the robust construction necessary for reliable heavy lifting in the most arduous industrial applications. The Street VX hoist has achieved classic status for high productivity, high performance and high precision.


  • Capacities up to 200 tonnes
  • All industrial duty classifications including M8 = US Class F
  • Standard and extra fast hoisting speed option
  • Open plan design
  • Easy maintenance access
  • Flexibility to allow process integration
  • Zero horizontal hook drift throughout the hook stroke
  • Balanced reeving/no rope guides