Free Standing Major Jib Crane

Best Selling Crane Worldwide

Free standing Major jib cranes have proven itself many times over to be the world’s best selling jib crane for indoor and outdoor applications. This crane can be used for nearly every workstation as it allows for complete customization for all aspects. A wide range of accessories can be added to equip the jib crane for all lifting requirements.



  • Capacities up to 40,000lbs
  • Outreach ranges up to 48ft
  • Degree of rotation up to 360°
  • Custom designs are available
  • Self-aligning spherical main bearing
  • Factory welded cantilever boom design
  • Factory set preload in jib boom optimum jib inclination under load
  • Bolted end stops
  • Boom comprised of structural wide flange beam
  • Welded pressure ring
  • Convex face roller wheels
  • DIN 15018 hoisting class: H2
  • DIN 15018 loading group: B3

Design Standards

  • DIN 15018 hoisting class: H2
  • DIN 15018 loading group: B3

Jib Crane Options

Free Standing

major jib crane

Direct mount base plate option is available.

Direct mount base plate foundationless major jib crane
major jib crane

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