Ceiling Mounted Monorails | O'Brien Lifting Solutions
Ceiling Mounted Monorails | O’Brien Lifting Solutions

When floor space is at a premium, SAYFTRACK® ceiling mounted monorails provide a permanent fall arrest solution without the need of a floor mounted structure. This leaves the floor area free for other purposes such as storage and production.

SAYFTRACK® monorails mount direct to existing structures and are ideal for production and warehouse facilities, vehicle loading/unloading, industrial cleaning and maintenance.


  • Floor space unaffected as no floor supported structure is required
  • Monorails are available as standard system kits
  • Monorails can be custom designed to suit your specific application
  • Single or multi-user systems with or without passability are available
  • Connection to existing structures can be made using a variety of standard bracket options
  • Easy installation

What you need to know…

  • Working capacity (1 or 2 person)
  • Passability for workers? Yes/No
  • Support spacing (SS)
  • Monorail length? (ML)
  • Cantilever (CL)