Fold Away Systems | O'Brien Lifting Solutions
Fold Away Systems | O’Brien Lifting Solutions

Fold away systems have been designed to provide an effective, fixed path fall arrest solution when the arms are fully extended and conveniently fold away when not in use. Systems can be supplied as independent, floor mounted systems or can be mounted to existing columns or walls. Motorized arm rotation is available and is generally required on longer/multiple bay systems.

Fold away systems are ideal for facilities that carry out railroad and truck maintenance, food processing plants and various manufacturing facilities where overhead cranes are regularly in use.


  • Can be free standing or mounted to existing columns or walls
  • Can be moved out of the way when not in use
  • Single or multi-user systems with or without passability are available
  • Turnkey rotation drives available
  • Easy installation

What you need to know…

  • Working capacity (1 or 2 person)
  • Passability for workers? Yes/No
  • Support spacing (SS) in feet
  • Arm reach (AR)
  • Monorail length (ML) in feet
  • Bracket spacing (BS) in feet
  • Cantilever (CL) 18”