The Benefits of Commercial Roll Up Doors

The Benefits of Commercial Roll Up Doors

Used in commercial properties, office buildings, warehouses, schools and more, commercial roll up doors have been praised for their excellent insulation and easy-to-use remote systems.

Businesses count on doors that maintain good security while being able to survive throughout all four seasons of the year. That is why commercial roll up doors are a simple fix to many problems corporations face.

Still not convinced of the many benefits a commercial roll up door provides ? This blog covers all the highlights and pros that you can expect when adding a roll up door to your business or establishment. 

Excellent Security

Commercial roll up doors come in a variety of materials from steel, aluminum, and galvanized metals which will meet your environment needs. Their excellent insulation and durable materials make these doors heavy duty. Roll up doors let you sleep easy at night knowing that 

they provide an extra sense of security and that your business is protected.

Noise control

Businesses or organizations that are near heavily populated areas with lots of noise should consider commercial roll up doors as they do an excellent job of canceling out exterior noise. This ability stems from the fact that roll up doors are sealed on all edges, making it very difficult for noise to seep through. What you are left with is a solid door that keeps any unwanted disturbances away from your workspace. This allows your workers to complete what they need to do with full focus.

Minimal Maintenance

Commercial roll up doors are built to stand the test of time. With readily available parts, such as, replacement slats, bottom bars, and weather stripping. We offer a wide range of activation and protection around your door opening, ie.  photo eye systems, bottom safety edge, motion sensors and light curtains. You can rest assured that roll up doors are strapped with the best materials to keep them operational for a very long time. As for their aesthetic benefits, the surface of roll up doors come in three standard colours and options of one hundred and eighty available colours to match your personal colour scheme.

Commercial Roll Up Doors

Space-Effective Commercial Roll Up Doors

Commercial businesses rely on their storage space heavily. That’s why every cubic meter of space counts. Commercial roll up doors coil into themselves just above the door opening leaving space for overhead cranes, and customer equipment. This has the benefit of not only maximizing space, but having a door that conceals itself during operational hours. These doors can be operated electrically or manually depending on the door size. The sizing options with commercial roll up doors are endless. At O’Brien we can shift and fit your roll up door exactly the way you want it, to your exact specifications. Design options go as far as your imagination stretches.

Commercial Roll Up Doors from O’Brien Lifting Solutions

At O’Brien, we recognize that keeping a business facility safe and secure is a top priority for any profit inclined owner. Our commercial industrial door guide helps build the roll up door you have envisioned. With almost 60 years in the industry, our team can handle anything that comes their way, with expert craftsmanship and execution. 

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