Top Running Overhead Cranes

Designed for Your Requirements

Designed specifically for your application, top running overhead cranes or bridge cranes are the most effective lifting solution as you have the best coverage within your facility. Offered in both single, double and box girder designs, there are enough options to suit your application.

Top running overhead bridge cranes are designed to travel on top of a runway system that is either supported by engineered columns or building columns.

Double girder designs typically provide you a better hook height than single girder designs as the hoist is mounted on top of the bridge rather than underneath.

Our overhead cranes are the benchmark in the industry as we build them to sustain multiple work environments.

Top Running Overhead Cranes come in two options:

Single Girder Top Running Overhead Crane
Providing you excellent value for your application, single girder designs allow you to be cost effective without compromising performance. Over the lifetime of the crane, you will save on new support structures as it has reduced wheel loads. This allows you to add more lifting capabilities to your runway structure without upgrading.

Double Girder Top Running Overhead Crane
Designed for applications with load capacities typically over 25 tons, double girder cranes are used when you need a complete lifting solution. Double girder cranes give a better height of lift compared to a single girder crane as the hook travels between the beams.