Cookson Insulated Fire DoorCookson Insulated Fire Door: Protect Wall Openings from the Spread of Fire

The Cookson insulated fire door is used when an opening in a fire wall requires a door that will reduce energy costs as well as serve as a normal fire door. Cookson fire doors have a 4 hour, 3 hour, 1 ½ hour and ¾ hour rating and can be mounted on concrete, masonry, structural steel and structural steel and gypsum board walls.


  • Governor controls automatic closing speed to 9″ to 12″ per second for Auto-Test chain, crank, and motor and Simple-Test chain and crank operated doors
  • Oil tempered torsion springs designed for 50,000 life cycles
  • Structural angle guides and bottom bar make door less vulnerable to damage that could prevent the door from fully closing
  • Exclusive interlocking slats provide energy efficiency and a finished appearance inside and out. Mineral Wool fire resistant insulation provides a R value of 5.3, Flame Spread Index of 10 and a STC rating of 27
  • Heavy duty brush weather-strip on the guides and lintel reduce air and dust infiltration
  • The bottom of the door is sealed by a flexible, solid Pyroglass astragal
  • Approved sizes
  • Labeled doors up to 163 square feet not exceeding 13’6″ wide or 12′ high
  • Oversize labels furnished on larger doors not exceeding 24′ 0″ or 16′ 4″ high
  • Available for 4 hour, 3 hour, 1-1/2 hour and 3/4 hour ratings
  • Approved for all wall types (concrete, masonry, structural steel, structural steel with gypsum board)
  • FinalCote Finish Standard. ColorCote, Custom ColorCote and Stainless Steel finish available

Insulated Door Properties with a STC Rating

The Cookson fire door utilizes mineral wool fire resistant insulation to provide a R value of 4 and a Flame Spread Index of 10 with smoke developed index of 5. Not only does The Cookson Insulated Fire Door reduce energy costs but it also can serve as a sound barrier. The Cookson Insulated Fire Door has an STC rating of 27.

Weather-stripped Perimeter

The Cookson fire door is furnished with brush weather-seals on the guides and lintel as well as a solid flexible Pyroglass astragal to reduce moisture, air, and dust infiltration.

Easiest Fire Door to Reset

The Cookson Company, Inc. insulated fire door is the easiest fire door to reset. It is available in both the Simple-Test and Auto-Test model. The Simple-Test Door is offered with chain, crank, or motor operation and is reset by replacing the fusible link. The Auto-Test door does not require any resetting after automatically closing. It resets itself and is always ready for an alarm activation.

Cookson Insulated Fire Door