Rytec Spiral Steel Door

Rytec Spiral Steel Door: High Speed and Security All in One Door

With an opening speed of up to 60 inches per second, the Rytec Spiral Steel Door® offers the speed you need for high-traffic situations. Rigid, aluminum slat construction eliminates any need for a second overnight security door.

Crisp lines give the Spiral door a stylish look that’s great for all kinds of commercial, institutional, as well as industrial applications. Because its anodized aluminum, it will not corrode and you can count on that look to last for many years under even the worst weather conditions.

Rigid, aluminum slat construction and optional, integral locking system provides unparalleled security.

Opens at up to 60 inches per second for improved traffic flow.

Whisper Quiet
The unique Spiral roll-up design features no metal-to-metal contact, therefore offering whisper-quiet operation.

High Performance
The variable speed AC Drive system with soft acceleration and braking smooths out routine stops and starts, virtually eliminating the clunking gear engagements you associate with typical overhead door operation.

Energy Efficient and Tight Seal
Aluminum slats, along with a durable rubber membrane which covers their aluminum connecting hinges, provide a 100% seal against dust pollution, drafts and inclement weather. Optional insulation simply adds to the energy savings.