Need a Replacement Electric Hoist? Contact the Experts at O’Brien Lifting Solutions!

Need a Replacement Electric Hoist? Contact the Experts at O’Brien Lifting Solutions!

electric hoistWhen you need an electric hoist repair or replacement, call the experts – O’Brien Lifting Solutions. When your hoist goes down, we’ll get you back up and running, quickly. Every second your equipment is not working means money lost. At O’Brien, we have thousands of parts – including electric hoists – on hand to make sure we’re ready with what you need, when you need it. We carry one of the largest inventories of advanced hoists, whether manual or wire rope or air hoists, single phase or three phase electric chain hoists. When your workplace needs a hoist, call O’Brien to get the right electric hoist for you – 1-866-399-2267.

Complete Range of Hoists for When you Need a Wire Rope Hoist, Electric Cable Hoist, Electric Chain Hoist

We have hoists for every application big or small. From 0.25 ton to 200-ton lifting capacity, custom-configured or out-of-the-box. To offer you this selection, we feature an exclusive partnership with Street Crane – one of the world’s largest and most trusted crane manufacturers, as well as an ongoing and trusted relationship with the Kito Canada team. Our hoists offer precision and reliability, and our huge inventory and expert technical capacity means we can get you back to work quickly. Need a repair or replacement contact O’Brien online or call us now at 1-866-399-2267.

Check Out O’Brien’s Electric Hoist Selection

Here are just a few of the advanced electric hoists we feature:

  • Street LX Chain Hoist – an electric chain hoist great for lifting lighter loads over and over. This electric chain hoist is designed for bridge crane or jib crane, and provides reliable lifting for a wide range of applications.
  • Kito Single Phase Electric Hoist applications – electric chain hoists that can plug into a household plug, with single-phase hoist options that deliver the power of a three-phase hoist on a 110V, 115V or 220V power budget. Whether you value performance, portability, or power, we have a single-phase electric hoist to suit your job site.
  • Kito Three Phase Electric Hoist applications – power up your productivity with hard working three-phase electric chain hoists. Our selection of electric hoists delivers a variety of benefits, from quiet performance to clean lifting for sterile environments like food production, pharma, or electronics. We even feature hoists that can work in harsh environments, tackling cold, heat, and heavy lifting.

Check Out Our Manual Chain Hoists

Increased efficiency, lower budget. A manual chain hoist is perfect when you need to lift heavy loads…just not so often. A manual chain hoist increases lifting capacity (and productivity!) while decreasing strain on your workers – a win win for your workplace.

At O’Brien, we carry the perfect manual chain hoist for your application – whether you’re looking for anti-sparking performance, a light-weight hoist with heavy-duty performance, a manual hoist that fits in small spaces, and even a dual-speed manual chain hoist. 

Talk to the O’Brien hoist experts to see what manual chain hoist is right for your production needs.

Not Sure What Type of Hoist You Need – Give O’Brien a Call!

What hoist application is right for you? Contact O’Brien to find out more about our complete range of hoists ready for heavy lifting. We take pride in providing exceptional selection and equally exceptional service. Whether you’re doing a new install, repairing, or replacing your manual or electric hoist, you can count on O’Brien to help you select the right hoist and get you up and running FAST. Reach out to our team by calling us at 1-866-399-2267 or contacting us online.

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