O’Brien – Experts in Industrial Roll Up Doors Since 1963

O’Brien – Experts in Industrial Roll Up Doors Since 1963

O’Brien Lifting Solutions has been an innovator of quality industrial roll up door and dock solutions since 1963. O’Brien leads the industry with a wide range of products, a large inventory of parts, and skilled technicians to provide maintenance and repair. If you are a warehouse, manufacturer or large retail store, the docking bay is the lifeblood of your business. It feeds products and raw materials in, and ships your goods out. You need to count on your industrial roll up door to do the job right. That’s why our skilled team specializes in warehouse dock door repair, keeping your business on track and moving. If you need help with a warehouse dock door repair, or want a quote on your industrial roll up door, contact O’Brien Lifting Solutions today at 1-866-399-2267.

Commercial and Industrial Roll Up Door and Dock Products and Installation

The right roll-up door can boost your facility’s energy efficiency, productivity, and safety. At O’Brien Lifting Solutions, we sell high-quality commercial and industrial roll up door and dock solutions. We carry a range of rolling steel doors, high-speed doors, and specialty commercial and industrial roll up doors. We’re a one-stop solution, we’ll install the door, along with everything you need to keep your dock moving safely and smoothly, including dock levellers, gate systems, fans, dock seals, shelters and truck restraints. Need to get your business moving? Contact O’Brien Lifting Solutions today.

Beyond the Loading – Roll Up Gates, Security Grilles and Fire Solutions

O’Brien is more than just industrial roll up doors. We provide a variety of door solutions including industrial and commercial fire doors to reduce the spread of fire and smoke in an industrial or warehouse setting, fire shutters and counter doors for commercial businesses like food courts and concession stands, rolling security grilles and specialty doors, like high-performance freezer doors. Need an industrial roll up door, or commercial door for your business? O’Brien has the solution! Request a quote today.

Industrial Roll Up Door and Warehouse Dock Door Repair and Service – O’Brien is Ready When You Need Us

At O’Brien, we know that problems with your doors and docks mean problems for your business. Every minute of downtime can equal lost revenue. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency repair and maintenance services for industrial roll up doors and docks. Our commercial and industrial roll up door and warehouse dock door repair technicians are available 24/7 365 for emergency repairs. We’ll fix the problem and get your business back FAST. We have the parts to make most repairs on hand – we carry one of the largest parts industries in Ontario. We have a large service fleet fully-equipped and ready to roll. At O’Brien, we pride ourselves on ensuring top response times in the industry. Plus, our technicians have almost 60 years of knowledge and experience. Need a repair for your loading dock, warehouse dock door repair, or gate system? Call O’Brien at 1-866-399-2267 for immediate service.

Preventive Maintenance – Fix Problems with Your Commercial and Industrial Roll Up Doors Before They Start

In addition to emergency repair, the O’Brien team offers preventive maintenance to extend the life of your roll up doors and loading docks, and prevent problems before they start. Scheduling regular inspections and preventive maintenance during your off hours reduces your downtime and helps keep your business trucking. O’Brien’s expert technicians keep an extensive record of your equipment needs and have the parts on hand to make repairs. We’ll spot and address safety concerns on the spot – helping ensure you get the full potential from your commercial and industrial roll up door systems.

O’Brien Lifting Solutions – Setting the Industry Benchmark for Quality and Service Since 1963

Integrity, innovation, expertise – these are the values upon which brothers Hubert and George O’Brien founded O’Brien Doors and Lifting Solutions. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality products and exceptional customer service. Get to know the O’Brien difference. Contact O’Brien Lifting Solutions for your commercial and industrial roll up door sales, installation, and service today.Follow O’Brien Lifting Solutions on Facebook and LinkedIn.