Choosing Your Jib Crane

Choosing Your Jib Crane

You’ve done it! You’ve finally committed to enhancing your workspace and buying a Jib Crane to help with the day to day operations of your facility. So, the question becomes now what? With your industry dealing with major equipment, and safety standards at an all time high, it is important to note that when it comes to buying Jib Cranes that it is about more than just getting the best deal.

The purpose of a jib crane is to provide a versatile piece of machinery when larger equipment just won’t do. Ideally used in smaller areas, jib cranes are also suitable for indoor and outdoor applications where repetitive lifting is required. With so many factors to consider, it’s ideal for buyers to also consider factors such as engineering support and service contracts when thinking through the decision making process, as the more help you can receive the less chances you have of winding up with a expensive mistake on your hands.

Think of some of the following key factors when choosing your order:

1) Capacity

When you are looking at the size of the jib crane you are going to need, one of the most important factors to consider is what the capacity of said lifts will be. Do you mainly need it for a few singular lifts a day, or are you looking to move multiple stacks of objects repeatedly? Another factor to consider is expansion in your workplace, as this could potentially increase the heaviest amount you would need to have lifted in the future.

2) Height Under Boom or Overall Height

Once the purpose of the jib crane is determined, the next question is how high it needs to be lifted and the area it needs to cover. This is especially important for indoor applications, as ceiling height needs to be considered as this impacts the span required for the jib crane. This is where a team of professional engineers comes into play, as they can determine proper height to fit into your space and specifically engineer your jib crane accordingly.

Pro Tip: It’s always best to get information from as many reliable sources as possible, as there are many moving parts involved in purchasing a jib crane. Remember this is a crucial and important step to help improve productivity at your workplace, and you don’t want to rush into something you’ll regret down the line. Professional recommendations based on a wealth of past experience is something you can count on with the team at O’Brien Lifting Solutions Inc.

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