Commercial Overhead Door Tips: Choosing a Freezer Door

Commercial Overhead Door Tips: Choosing a Freezer Door

There are many factors that go into choosing a commercial overhead door – and choosing a commercial overhead freezer door can be even more complex.

This article will take you through the considerations when you are selecting an overhead freezer door for your facility.

Commercial Overhead Door Tips: Freezer Door Considerations Your Environment

Think of the environment, both inside and outside your facility. If your entire facility – or most of your facility – is cooled, your freezers will need to do a lot less work than if there is a hot environment between your refrigerator/freezer and the outside. 

The higher the variation in temperature, the greater the chance of frost buildup, which can damage your door and seals.

Tip: Ensure your door is designed for the cooling temperatures you need, with defrost systems and tight seals.

How often will you enter/exit the cooled area?

Think about your processes. How often will you enter and exit the cooled area? If your workers will be in and out of the area frequently, you’ll want your door to close quickly to ensure an uninterrupted workflow and keep the cooled air in.

Tip: If you are in and out of the cooled area frequently, consider a high-speed door.

Does it need to be impact-resistant?

If you’re handling large goods or pallets, you may want to consider impact resistance. Some freezer doors are designed to resist damage (for example, if hit by a forklift or loader).

Tip: Look for tight seals and impact-resistant doors with “snap-back” or “self-repairable” features that help fix the door quickly, keeping your product cool.


With cold rooms, especially blast freezers, you don’t want to chance to lock someone inside. You also don’t want a door closing on your workers or product when you are moving in and out of the cooled area.

Tip: Look for safety features like soft start/stop, sensors that detect obstructions, and emergency releases to protect against accidents and injury.

What are you keeping cool?

Some products – like food processing and pharmaceuticals – need a sanitized or even “clean room” environment. So, what you are keeping inside your cooled area is an important consideration.

Tip: Look for a sterile material in your commercial overhead door (like stainless steel) if your product requires a more hygienic environment.

O’Brien Commercial Overhead Door Options: Freezer Doors

If you are looking for a commercial overhead freezer door, O’Brien Lifting Solutions carries some of the best commercial overhead doors, backed by our outstanding installation, maintenance, and service expertise.

Our freezer doors have the features you need to keep your product cool, provide energy efficiency, and ensure the safety of your facility.

TNR High Speed Freezer Door – This high-speed roll-up commercial overhead door has a variable frequency drive system for soft starts and stops. The insulated reinforced vinyl is built to endure cold temperatures. Size: up to 13 feet wide and 18 feet high.

Rytec Fast-Fold Freezer Door – This door is designed to take a hit while remaining durable and low-maintenance. Three defrost system options help make it virtually frost-free, while the full-height clear PVC panels provide exceptional visibility when entering or exiting the area. Size: up to 17 feet wide and 16 feet high.

Rytec Turbo-Seal Freezer Door – With opening speeds up to 100 inches per second, this is one of the fastest commercial overhead doors. This option is perfect for fast-moving cold storage environments. The low-profile design is designed to take a hit while fitting almost anywhere. Defrost systems and safety features like dual electric photo eyes, and a pneumatic dual-chamber reversing edge come standard. Size: up to 12 feet wide and 17 feet high.

When You Need a Commercial Overhead Door, You Need O’Brien

Over the last 60 years, the experts at O’Brien Lifting Solutions have tried and tested some of the best solutions in the industry. And we bring that expertise to you. We’ll help you choose the right door for your application, and provide confidence knowing your door has been installed correctly by technicians who understand your needs. Want to learn more? Call us at 1-866-392-1944 or request a quote today.

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