Industrial Gantry Crane vs. Industrial Jib Crane – Which is Best?

Industrial Gantry Crane vs. Industrial Jib Crane – Which is Best?

Which is better for your site – an industrial gantry crane or an industrial jib crane?

At O’Brien Lifting Solutions, we design and install cranes at a variety of industrial sites, and a key question we hear from our clients over and over is: what kind of crane is right for my application?

Selecting the right lifting solution can be overwhelming. Getting it wrong can cost you time and money. So you’ll need a lot of expertise. 

The good news is that expertise is not hard to find. You are the experts in your business. We are the experts in cranes and lifting solutions. Together we can design a solution that helps you manage your production needs and maximize your productivity.

Let’s talk about the difference between an industrial jib crane and an industrial gantry crane – two common lifting applications.

Industrial Jib Crane – Ideal for Lighter, Localized Lifting

Jib cranes may be the better choice for light to medium-weight loads, but that doesn’t mean they’re lightweights in the lifting department.

Depending on the design, jib cranes can be tasked to lift loads from a few hundred pounds to several tons. And they’re extremely cost-efficient. 

Jib cranes are great for material handling within a smaller, defined space. Available in floor-mounted, column-mounted, wall-mounted, and articulating configurations, they can fit almost anywhere.

What Makes an Industrial Jib Crane a Stand-Out Lifting Solution

 Here are the key points to know about an industrial jib crane:

  • Mounting: jib cranes are typically mounted to the floor or an existing structure like a wall or column.
  • Design – a standard jib crane consists of a vertical support column (or mast) that fixes the crane to the support and a horizontal beam or boom that lifts and moves the load.
  • Movement – jib cranes can be stationary or can move on a track. Jib cranes can also allow a load to be rotated up to 360 degrees. Articulated jib cranes allow even greater flexibility in movement.
  • Lifting capacity – small to medium-sized loads 
  • Ideal application – lighter, localized lifting; smaller spaces.

For Larger Scale Lifting and Portability 

Need to lift heavy loads with maximum portability? An industrial gantry crane could be just the lifting solution you’re looking for.

Indoors or out, gantry cranes get the job done. And unlike a jib crane, they don’t need to be affixed to support to lift and move loads. A gantry crane can be fixed in place, or mounted on rails or wheels to move loads forwards, backwards, or anywhere their wheels or tracks can take them.

Like jib cranes, gantry cranes can be an affordable solution for your lifting needs.

What Makes It a Stand-Out Lifting Solution

  • Mounting: gantry cranes are self-supported, and do not require mounting to the floor, ceiling, or wall.
  • Design – gantry cranes typically feature two vertical support columns (masts) and a horizontal beam or boom, creating a rectangular-shaped structure.
  • Movement – gantry cranes can be moved on wheels or tracks over a large area.
  • Lifting capacity – gantry cranes can handle the heaviest loads, up to several hundred tons. 
  • Ideal application – larger industrial facilities, ports, construction sites, and storage yards.

For the Best Crane Design and Service, Choose O’Brien Lifting Solutions

For over 60 years, O’Brien has set the standard for lifting solutions. Whether you need to lift and move big or small loads, indoors or outdoors, we have the solution you need to get the work done right. Our team can assist you in selecting and installing a crane solution to meet your application and building requirements…and meet your budget. From design to installation, we pride ourselves on getting our customers up and running quickly. Need a quote? Request a quote online or O’Brien a call at 905-336-8245.

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